#225 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Black Ops Cold War has dropped in preparation for launch day on November 13th, what are you most looking forward to? Multiplayer, the single-player adventure or something else?

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#88 Google Breaks Pi Day

Congratulations Google, this time you really did it and BROKE the world record by calculating Pi out to 31 trillion digits!

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Facebook Launches Game Streaming Site fb.gg To Take On Twitch

Facebook wants to challenge Twitch with its newly-launched gaming creator pilot program called fb.gg.

Back in January, Facebook announced an exclusive game streaming deal with ESL, one of the world’s biggest esports leagues. Now they’ve taken another step further by launching its own platform for streaming games.

Dubbed fb.gg, it acts as a home page for all the game streaming content found on Facebook. It will basically show live streams of popular games like Fortnite and PUBG among others. Users can also upload pre-recorded gaming videos.

It will also be the place to be at for Facebook’s “gaming creators”. These are gamers paid for by the social media giant to stream exclusively on the platform.

Facebook aims the gaming hub to be the one-stop place for gaming fans. Users will be able to discover gaming videos related to their favourite games or watch live streams from esports competitions.

Fb.gg’s homepage shows users the most popular ongoing live streams. A tab called ‘Live Now’ below it suggests other live streams that are also attracting high user engagements.

The social media giant eventually plans to roll out a host of additional features for its gaming hub. This includes a feed where relevant content can be displayed, and an Instant Games tab for mobile version.

Do you think Facebook will be able to compete with Twitch? Lets us know!


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