Hackers turn two WoW towns into killing fields

WoW towns turns into mass grave

World of Warcraft players may have encountered piles and piles of skeletons as they played the other day. Though this site is uncommon to WoW players, but gamers have reported that they have indeed seen these odd sights during their game.

According to reports, hackers were able to breach and find an exploit that enabled them to kill every non-player character or every player for that matter in two towns in the game, Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

WoW developer Blizzard was able to fix the exploit after they found out that there indeed was an attack to their system.

According to community manager Nethaera in an forum post, “We apologize for the inconvenience some of you experienced as a result of this and appreciate your understanding.”

The killing spree occurred after developers weren’t able to detect an exploit that allows level one characters access to the kill commands for every player and computer controlled characters of the game in the area.

One of those who were responsible for the hack told Eurogamer, “We didn’t do any permanent damage.”

“Some people liked it for a new topic of conversation and a funny stream to watch, and some people didn’t. The people who didn’t should be blaming Blizzard for not fixing it faster,” he added.

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Capcom investigates Resident Evil 6 leak to Polish stores

Capcom revealed that a number of copies of their unreleased Resident Evil 6 have been stolen and have popped up and sold in some stores in Poland.

Resident Evil 6 was set to be released by Capcom this Octoberm, thus causing panic, and an eventual investigation as to where these stolen copies came from.

According to Eurogamer, Capcom admitted that there was indeed a sale of this stolen Resident Evil 6 games in Poland after reports said last week that some retailers were selling the game this early. Capcom said that at least a few copies of the Resident Evil 6 had already been sold.

“At this time, all we can ad is that it would appear this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK PlayStation 3 version of the game,” Capcom said.

One of the stolen games was being sold on eBay with a starting bid of 478.78 Euros. The seller also pegged a buyout price at 1,196.71 Euros.

The figures of the stolen copies are still unknown. But Eurogamer said that there are only two stores in Poland that sold the stolen games.

Capcom is currently investigating the incident and TNG will be updating you once the company releases the results.

Image Source: joystiq.com

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