More apologies from Amazon over deleted Kindle ebooks

It seems like Amazon isn’t done apologizing for what they did over the illegally sold copies of George Orwell’s novels and they’re doing everything they can to get back on people’s good graces.

The company is now ready with not just one or two, but three options for their peace offering: a redelivered copy of the novels, a gift certificate worth $30, or a check for $30. These were said in an email sent to Kindle owners Thursday, a copy of which was given to CNET News by a reader.

As you may all remember, the internet was all abuzz in July when Amazon remotely deleted copies of 1984 and Animal Farm from the Kindle devices of readers who purchased them. The company said the ebooks were placed in the Kindle library by a publisher who did not have legal rights to the novel. This move generated lots of angry outcries from the Kindle owners, civil libertarians and customer advocates , and even a lawsuit  filed by a student whose annotations for 1984 were deleted along with the novel.

Owners of Kindle readers whose copies of the novels were deleted can contact Amazon through and ask for either another copy, a gift cert or a check.

Oh, and by the way, if you made annotations in the ebook, you’ll be glad to hear they’re returning the ebook along with your notes – so you don’t have to file a lawsuit.


Sony reveals wireless reader “Daily Edition”

Credit: Sony

Amazon’s Kindle might have dominated the electronic book reader scene since its launch, but it doesn’t mean that Sony will not keep on trying to change that.

Sony Corp on Tuesday launched its first ever wireless electronic reader, the Daily Edition which features a 7-inch touch screen.

The company previously launched two lower-priced ebook readers earlier this month; both featuring touchscreens but lack wireless connection.

Sony Corp is hoping that this new addition to their line of ereaders will help them gain a foothold on the ebook market. If you remember, among the two, it was Sony who first launched an electronic reader in 2006. Amazon followed a year later and stolen the spotlight up until now.

The Daily Edition will be available in the market in December ad priced at $399. AT&T will be the device’s carrier which will use 3G connection.


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