Sales of Windows 7 Party Packs halted on Ebay

ultimate-limited-editionSeveral readers report that some auctions of the house party kits have been cancelled in eBay. The kits, along with other stuff, contain a Steve Ballmer “signature edition” of Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you’re not sure what this “signature edition” is, it’s just the same as other Windows 7 Ultimate, but its packaging looks waaay cooler than the others and it proudly shows Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer’s signature.

So, going back to the news, reports aren’t sure yet as to whether the cancelling of the auctions is done at Microsoft’s request.

“While we cannot confirm why eBay has removed these specific auctions, Microsoft routinely works with online auction sites such as eBay to remove infringing auction. The Signature Edition of Ultimate that was included in the Party Packs is clearly marked on the outer wrap Not For Resale,” Microsoft said in a statement.

So am I right to read between the lines and conclude that what the statement is saying is in fact “Yes, we told eBay to cancel the auctions”? Or it’s just my imagination running a bit off again? 😉


EBay is selling Skype

Credit: Skype

Yup, after paying a HUGE amount for the Internet phone company, EBay Inc. is now letting go of their extravagant purchase.

The famous online auction company announced Tuesday that they will be keeping 35% of Skype while 65% will be sold to a group of private investors. This will likely be finalized later this year.

The deal includes $1.9 billion in cash and then $124 million to be paid later. All in all, Skype is valued at just $2.75 billion.

I’m emphasizing the just there because EBay has paid a whopping $3.12 billion for Skype when it bought the Internet phone company four years ago with plans of integrating it in their auction site. This did not materialize though because EBay officials admit that the technologies were in fact, incompatible.

John Donahoe, EBay chief executive, says that selling Skype will allow it to focus on growing the online voice and video communication business.

Mosaic’s co-creator Marc Andreessen was among the investors announced Tuesday. Other investors include the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and European venture capital firm Index Ventures.


General Motors to partner with eBay

And mind you, they’re not planning to auction off used cars only.

General Motors Corp. has said that they plan to experiment with auctioning their news cars on eBay and if you’ve been living in a rock for at least the last decade, eBay is an online shopping and auction site that millions that probably millions of people go to everyday J.

It won’t be available for the whole world though. Fritz Henderson, GM CEO has said that consumers in California can now bid on the vehicles as they would in a normal eBay auction, or even choose to “Buy it Now”. The dealers however, will still be the ones to distribute the cars.

According to GM spokesman John McDonald, this partnership with eBay will start in the “next couple of weeks.”

eBay Motors vice president Rob Chesney has said in a statement that there are still no finalized plans with General Motors but they are  “excited about a potential new adventure that supports GM’s dealers by expanding on how they already reach consumers through new approaches.”


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