Want A Decent Pair Of Earphones? Infinix Quiet 2 Is What You Need

Infinix Quiet 2 For A Decent Pair Of Earphones

If you need a decent pair of earphones, you should get the Infinix Quiet 2.  Earphones are part of every individual who use gadgets on the go.

They use it to answer or make calls, as “handsfree” mode without heaving to resort to loud speakers.  Earphones are also used to listen to music without disturbing other people.  Loud music from your device could annoy others, so using earphones is advisable.

The Infinix Quiet 2

There is a new earphone in the market today.  It is an inexpensive clone of the Bose QC20, which boasts of a noise cancellation module for a much cheaper price.  This new gadget is called the Infinix Quiet 2.

The similarities between the Bose QC20 and the Infinix Quiet 2 are limited to its looks only.  meaning, it just looks the same outside.  The gadgets are diferent when it comes to performance and of course, their prices are miles apart.

Infinix Quiet 2’s Inspiration

This new earphones drew inspiration from the Bose QC20 (Quiet Comfort).  The QC20 is known for its active noise cancellation (ANC) modules.  This is what inspired the makers of Infinix.  That is why this gadget was mostly patterned after the Bose QC20.

A Closer Look At The Infinix Quiet 2

For its packaging, the infinix Quiet 2 comes in a neat box with the earphones inside.  It comes with a nice little pouch to carry it around.  Also attached is the noise cancellation module.  There are different-sized eartips to suit your need and a quick-start guide.

The earphones have a shark fin design for added grip.  Its cables are attached to a volume control module that also holds a microphone.  The voice control module further plugs into the noise cancellation module that has an ON/OFF switch, a green LED indicator, and a micro USB port for charging.

Its Sound Quality

Speaking of sound quality, the Infinix Quiet 2 has done a fairly decent job.  The quality of its sound is good at mid-range.  But if your volume goes beyond 75-80%, it tends to be over bearing.Overall, if you are not too keen about sound quality, this gadget may be considered a good item to have.

The ANC is supposed to cut off ambient noise and make you focus on the music.  But in this case, it just manages to isolate the surrounding noise and bump up the volume of the gadget instead.

The Infinix Quiet 2 may be a clone of the Bose QC20.  But it just looks the same. Its functions and performance are not similar, and its price is of course, very much different.  The Infinix Quiet 2 is way cheaper so do not expect it to be as good as the Bose QC20.

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Shure unveils headset for iPhones

Shure, a consumer and professional audio electronics corporation, unveiled today the SE115m+ Sound Isolating Headset with Remote and Microphone. The headset is similar to the SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones but specially designed for Apple’s products.

The SE115m+’s earpieces are designed to fit into your ear canals (canalphone design) so as to block external noise. It comes with an inline microphone and a three-button remote control that works with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, the latest iPod models and the latest MacBooks.

Sold at $120, the SE115m+ will be first available exclusively in Apple retail and online stores later this month. Other Shure retailers will have stocks of the earphones in January of next year.

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/macworld/20091021/tc_macworld/shureannouncesse115miphoneheadset

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