Bungie’s Destiny 2 Second Expansion Name and Release Date Revealed

Game developer Bungie has finally announced that Destiny Expansion 2 would be finally released on May 8. Bungie called it as the Warmind, and its release date was the same date predicted by the avid players of Destiny 2.



Apart from Warmind, the game developer also is planning to release the Destiny 2 update 1.2.0. The game’s update will bring multi-emote functionality, crucible rankings, an increase in the game’s vault space as well as an update to the game’s exotic weapon sandbox.



Recently, news surfaced that Bungie has pulled out the exotic armor from the update. This means that avid fans of the game could expect the exotic armor later in the summer. Also, Destiny 2 players will be getting from the soon to release update several heroic modifiers. It can be recalled that heroic modifiers were earlier pulled out by Bungie from the previous update.


Destiny 2 Development Roadmap


So this coming May 8, fans of the game should expect fresh content such as armor and cosmetics, among others. The game’s new content kicked off the game’s Season 3 although no details about the season have been revealed yet by Bungie.



Also, Bungie has teased fans of its new seasonal event which include its bounties. With this, players are hopeful that Bungie will be adding new content for players to hold over until September. What we know so far is that Bungie might as well add new gear collections, records, weapon slot changes and randomization, among others.



The game developer is set to hold a live stream on April 24 to show the Destiny 2-second expansion. The developer will also be showing some gameplay to players when Warmind launches.

Destiny 2 Expansion 2: Gods of Mars Release Date and Details “Leak”, Is Fake?

A leaked has surfaced on Friday, December 29 revealing new information about Destiny 2’s game expansion God of Mars. PSN reportedly leaked the information, and it triggered excitement from among avid fans of the game.


Both Japanese and US PSN stores have uploaded what appears to be a complete information of the Destiny 2. Based on the leaked information, Destiny 2 is set to be released in March. However, such information was already deleted since the listing was publicly revealed.


Destiny 2 Expansion 2: Gods of Mars Release Date and Details


But a screenshot of the poster was grabbed by a Reddit user named GodofMarsLeak. Based on the PSN description, Destiny 2’s God of Mars will feature a new era of players which will explore the Frigid Vale of Mare. This means that players will be ganging up against Charlemagne, the character who happened to reawakened on Mars and eventually imprisoned Rasputin in an ancient vault.


Thus, players are tasked to free Rasputin, defeat Charlemagne, and at the same time uncover the secrets of Clovis Bray with the help from Ana Bray. Apart from this, God of Mars is expected to feature a brand new enemy fiction, weapons, armor as well as bosses in a certain mission.


But a separate report claims that the leaked detail is fake. This comes after a Japanese reader called out the attention of the Reddit user, saying that there must be a low quality of translated text using Google translator. The Japanese speaking reader also said that the information provided by PSN did not match the traditional format of translation.

“I’m a Japanese, and I would like to point out that those texts don’t make sense because they are translated by such as google translate,” said the Japanese reader, citing from PlayStation Lifestyle.


Despite this development, avid fans of the game said that the leak information also has the chance to be real. They also believed that it is likely the Destiny 2 Expansion 2 will be called Gods of Mars.

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