Atari VCS: Ataribox Pre-Order Details Coming In April

Atari is planning to release its new upcoming “Atari box” system called the Atari VCS. The company said it would announce more details of the Atari box system. This includes the logo of the device. But tech enthusiasts claim that the device is actually a retro-inspired console which would be available for pre-order sooner.


The company has revealed the Atari box’s name during this year’s Game Developers Conference. Atari is expected to publicly show the Atari VCS during the event. A prototype of the Atari VCS including a classic joystick and a modern controller will also be shown.


What you need to know about Atari VCS


According to the company, the Atari VCS has been inspired by Atari 2600. The device is expected to promote the Atari 2600’S iconic silhouette. The Atari VCS will be powered by an AMD processor, and it features several Atari classic games and present titles from various gaming studios.


In fact, Atari has slated an Indiegogo campaign back in December that aims promote the VCS. However, the campaign was delayed as the company claims that a “key element” was missing.


In a statement, Michael Arzt, Atari COO of Connected Devices said, “With the Atari VCS name, we know how important it is to get everything completely right, and that’s why we briefly paused an imminent launch late last year.”

“It was a difficult decision with the countdown underway, but we weren’t willing to go forward with even one thing out of alignment. We hope that Atari’s fans appreciate our extreme attention to detail and are as excited about the Atari VCS as we are,” he added.


Meanwhile, Atari said that pre-orders of the VCS would commence in April. Regarding about the console’s price, it is estimated to be sold for $250-$300, respectively.

Xbox One: Microsoft Console Sales A Break Even With Possible Low Margin Profits

A high ranking official from Xbox claims that Microsoft’s popular gaming console will reach a break-even regarding sales. Xbox chief marketing officer Yusuf Mehdi made such announcement, saying that Xbox One has a possibility of getting a low-profit-margin.


Xbox chief marketing officer Yusuf Mehdi disclosed this during the City Global Technology Conference this month. He pointed out that Microsoft’s strategy for the gaming console will remain the same for 2018 until it would reach the break-even profit margin.


Microsoft to reduce the price of Xbox One?


“The strategy will continue which is that we’re looking to break even or low margin at worst and then make money selling additional games, the Xbox LIVE service and other capabilities on top,” Mehdi as quoted saying in a GameZone report.


Also, the Xbox chief market officer said that Microsoft could reduce the cost of the gaming console. This is the same strategy that the software giant used with 360. The company explained further that reducing the cost would also reduce the price and make a more competitive price offering.


But Microsoft’s decision may not sound like a smarter move for Xbox users. Microsoft set Xbox One’s price to $400.  Consumers claimed that the gaming console’s price  higher $100 compared to PS4.


Meanwhile, others have expressed high hopes that Microsoft would debut a Kinect-less SKU for a lower price. This hope surfaced because Xbox One no longer requires the Kinect. However, this remains to be seen if Microsoft is bent to pursuing such plan to appease its avid consumers.


Despite this development, the software giant is certainly not at the losing end when it comes to selling the Xbox One. But many asked how much the Xbox One would cost them in pre-orders. Given the tight competition of Xbox One over PS4, this is enough reason to sound alarmed because customers are looking for affordability to save money.

Popularity of cloud gaming may lead to game console extinction

Game console fans may soon turn their smiles upside down, as Phil Eisler of Nvidia said that gaming consoles might be just a pigment of our imagination in the near future.

Heading Nvidia’s GeForce Grid Cloud Gaming Department, Eisler said that the unreleased Nintendo Wii U and the rumored PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 might be the last gaming consoles ever to be released, since improving technology and the affordability of server costs will eventually allow streaming games to become the dominant system for gaming.

According to Eisler, “The good thing about cloud gaming is it’s going to get better every year. One of the reasons we’re investing in it is we see that there are some issues today, but they’re all solvable, and they’re all moving in the right direction. Bandwidth is going up. The cost of server rooms is going down. We’re bringing latency down by using the best VPN technology such as Limitless VPN.”

“The experience will just get better and better every year, to the point where I think it will become the predominant way that people play games,” Eisler added.

Nvidia has been placing a ton of money in cloud gaming. Together with Galkai, the company is convinced that it is the thing of the future.

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Android takes a bite on console gaming with Ouya

OOOOOOUUUYA! The masses have spoken, and an Android related Kickstart program goes live. With 28 more days to go, the team behind the OUYA project has been overwhelmed with more than triple their goal amount. They planned to start off with a goal of just $950,000. In just one day, the world shocked the OUYA team with a whopping $2 Million pledge. The Android powered console now has a pledge of $3,142,508.

The world is currently in the smartphone revolution. iOS, Windows 8 and Android operating systems are battling it out to gain supremacy. Of the three operating systems, Android remains to be Open source. Because of this open nature, projects such as this can come into a realization.

The OUYA team realized a need, a need that far outweighed their expectations. Console gaming is not yet dead, just dormant. Now it is about to get disrupted.

We know that people love to play on their phones and tablets. Often times, people would have that silent desire to play those games on a larger screen. There is an urge to put those games on a TV and play like good old fashioned consoles. People have always said that we have barely been able to scratch the surface of the gaming potential of these mobile operating systems. Now might be the time to tear that surface open.

With the Android powered OUYA, people can play their regular Android games on the big screen just like their consoles. It is just about the size of a Rubik’s Cube and it comes with a full sized controller that is comparable to console controllers today. The controller itself is armed with touchpads, buttons, and analog sticks, and possibly more in the future.

The OUYA is apparently going to be powered by a Tegra 3 processor, with 1GB of RAM. What version of Android it will run is still up for debate, but many would argue that it has to run the latest and greatest Android Jelly Bean.

Because of the open nature of Android, and the immediate availability of Android Games in the market, there shouldn’t be any trouble for OUYA to find games that will run on the “console”. Devs won’t have to worry about creating games for new operating systems. They just have to port the games over to Jelly Bean and it will take care of both Console Gaming and Smartphone Gaming.

While the specs are pretty standard, with the abundance of pledges and backers, there is certainly room for improvement. The OUYA team announced a “stretch” incentive, which allows us to suggest added features to make the OUYA even more of a success in playing these Android Games. There are those who were quick to respond.

Since this is a console now, and not a phone that we need to tot around, there is room for a bump in specs that no longer worry about the slimmest figure. One thing that many Android users complain about is the lack of available RAM in the operating systems. That is why there is a request for added RAM.

One thing I could suggest was to increase the memory capacity, which is currently just 8GB. Since games that will be optimized for the OUYA will need to play well on a large screen, it would make sense that downloaded game data for each of these android games might be a lot larger than its smartphone counterparts to accommodate larger textures so that it won’t look too pixelated on screen. Feel free to visit their Kickstart page to put in some awesome suggestions.

While the OUYA is advertised as a console gaming solution, it is far from capable of overturning current generation consoles. There are still some limitations on the capability of a Tegra 3 processor, as well as the overall capability of a mobile OS. Android games cannot replace console games yet, but this is going in a pretty good direction. With a price like $99, there is no other home gaming solution that can match it at this time.

The success of such a project may be anyone’s guess right now, but the sheer amount of pledges they received is enough to say that people want this, and they are throwing money at it like crazy. Hopefully this will finally add another dimension to the growing gaming industry, and finally increase the amount of games being produced for the Android operating system.

Are you excited about this new development as well?

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