Changes Once More decided to change one more time, after the users complained about its new look. is a site that allows you to shorten your links and is one of the most popular ones providing this service. Hence, any change would be discussed, as it happened, indeed. When announced last week its major changes, many users were frustrated, since it became more complicated, making them spend more time on the site, trying to find their way. Since it is a service that is supposed to be quick, it created big disruption.

That’s why announced today some improvements, in order to satisfy their users. From now on, pasting and shortening the link will be a little bit easier (and faster). Instead of “Add a bitmark” you now see “Paste a link here” and when you do paste a link, the new shortened version of your url is available.

As wrote: “We mean it when we say we’ve been reading all your tweets and emails. And we’re listening! In the week since our release, we’re already making adjustments, so that saving and shortening links in the new bitly is a whole lot easier.”

Although it is still more complex than its old time favourite version, it tries to improve and listen to the complaints of the users.

Do you use Any experience on the new design?

URL shortener’s life permanently cut

When Twittering gained fame in the Web, URL shorteners found a hot new business too. With just a 140-character limit, users who want to post lengthy addresses need the help of these shorteners.

But what happens when the no. 1 microbloggling service chooses just one? What happens to others?

Apparently, they close down. Or at least that’s what happened to on Sunday after parent company Nambu Networks failed to find a buyer for the service. offers “ quick, easy, full-featured URL shortening with integrated posting to social networks”.

In blog post from Nambu Networks, the company expressed their regret over the discontinued service of but made no secret about their feelings towards their rival or to the social media site, which the latter uses as its default URL shortener.

“Twitter has all but sapped us of any last energy to double-down and develop further. What is the point? With the Twitter default, and with us having no inside connection to Twitter, will lose over the the long-run no matter how good it may or may not be at this moment, or in the future,” the post read.

Tweets with URLs will be affected though. In an announcement posted on their site, has assured previous users of their service that “all links will continue to redirect, and will do so until at least December 31, 2009.”


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