Best and Lamest Pranks for April Fool’s Day

The Best And The Lamest Pranks For April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day always brings us the best and the lamest pranks each year. This has been around for centuries now. It has brought us a deluge of terrible jokes, ill-advised pranks, and the occasional product concept. Different companies have been imposing their jokes on us for a long time now. Here are some of them:

501St Legion

The 501st legion is an international Star Wars costuming group. It focuses on the screen-accurate costumes for the franchise’s bad guys. It introduced costuming standard foe a topless Kylo Ren costume, which has become a meme called Swolo. The requirements include that the shredded arms and chest match the costumer’s natural skin tone.

23AndMe + Lexus

23AndMe teamed up with Lexus to use your DNA to figure out which Lexus is right for you. This will develop a customized vehicle just for you. You can start this vehicle by licking the steering wheel. Funny, right?


BritBox is a British VOD service. It announced “interp-brit”, a feature for American users. This will allow users to toggle between the American and British accent. Its results are prettily quite amusing.

This is the largest international course directory in Australia. They have launched a course called “Diploma of Human Survival (AI) (SKYN37)”. This is to prepare humans for the coming of the dark times that Elon Musk has been warning us about. The clever bits here is that you can subscribe to the course for either 6.5 bitcoin or 12 “untainted potatoes”. And there are individual course units like SCAV101 ( Scavenging Food, AVDE101 (Avoid Detection), INRU101 ( Identifying Intruders), and SHELT 1010 (Shelter). It also says that these courses will help you get a job as “Bunker Security Specialist” a “Gasoline Boy”. Or a “BOT Detection Specialist”.


Funko is a novelty toy company. They “announced” a nano-tech spray that collectors can use protect their Funko Pop toys boxes from ripping, crushing, and lightsabers.

These are some of the few best pranks and lamest pranks which you must have encountered on April Fool’s Day. Remember though, they just pranks. Let is not take them seriously.

Facebook to roll out Hate Button

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is going to roll out its Hate button in response to the billions of likes being generated each day by the social networking site. They also reported that the latter is considering adding other buttons including Meh, Love, Who Cares and +11.

And oh by the way, Happy April Fool’s Day.

According to the TechCrunch, “When the original like button was announced, Facebook Co-founder and Chief Executive officer Mark Zuckerberg made a bold prediction that there would be more than 1 billion likes across the Web in just the first 24 hours. Sources at Facebook say mark is estimating 2 billion hates on the first day. Facebook studies have shown the sad fact that people hate things on the Internet more than they like things. There’s also an internal debate onwhether the new button should be called ‘hate’ or ‘dislike’.

Other buttons under consideration are the ‘meh’, ‘love,’ who cares,’ and ‘+11’ but there is also a fear this could lead to a button explosion.

Our sources say the hate button is not a sure thing. It’s being heavily debated inside the social networking company. This new feature would fit with Facebook’s mission to ‘build tools to help people connect with the people they want and share what they want,’ whether that’s love or hate.”

Many individuals were happy upon reading that report from TechCrunch as people would love to hit the “hate” or “dislike” button. But will the social networking site roll out the said button? We really don’t know.

Would you want to have the “hate” button on FB? Hit the comments section for your reactions.

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