#89 Snapchat Goes All In On Mobile Gaming

Gaming has been becoming increasingly more mainstream through the years, growing alongside the growth social media has seen as well. With so many different companies diving head first into video games, it shouldn’t really be a shock that reports are stating that Snapchat will be the latest to join this market with their own version of a mobile gaming platform for its app.

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China Unicom to offer 3G service to compete with rivals

China Unicom is finally set to launch the first official iPhone sales in the country this week. And with the biggest carrier in the world as their competition, as well as the 1 million gray-market iPhones already proliferating in China, the company is preparing for battle.

So how did they plan to do it?

Because unlocked iPhones and other high-end phones sold in China’s gray-market only use China Mobile’s 2G network (that uses GSM and GRPS standards), Apple’s official carrier in China for the iPhone will be offering China-developed 3G service to users of any handset that supports 3G, including those gray-market iPhones

I would like to stress out however, that despite China Unicom being the first to officially sell iPhone in China, its contract with Apple is not exclusive. Its main competition, China Mobile, has said last month that they are also in talks with Apple about distribution.

Another probable distributor of the iPhone in the country is Hon Hai Precision Industry (also known by the trade name Foxconn), a major contract manufacturer of Apple gadgets.

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/pcworld/20091026/tc_pcworld/chinaunicomaimsforrivalsgraymarketiphoneusers

Apple releases iPhone OS update 3.1.2

Apple is really serious in keeping their position at the top of the smartphone arena and one way to do that is to make the iPhone’s software in as tip-top shape as possible.

Today, Apple released yet another update, the iPhone 3.1.2 which is they say is faster and better-looking than its not-so-old predecessor, the iPhone 3.1 released just a month ago.

This new update however, focuses in fixing the bugs that have been causing problems for the iPhone user. Bug fixes provided include that  of the problem where iPhones may not wake from sleep, the issue that could interefere with cellular network service and a fix for the bug that causes crashes for streaming video.

The update is available for all models of the iPhone (3GS, 3G, the original iPhone) and the iPod touch and is downloadable through iTunes.

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/macworld/20091008/tc_macworld/applereleasesiphonesoftware312

Top five apps to search for iPhone apps

With the gazillion (a little exaggerated, I know – but you get the point J) apps available in the market, a lot of people are now looking for easier ways to find what’s hot and what’s not.

To help sort out apps you might want to take a look at, PC World compiled a list of the top five apps that’ll help you find – yep, apps. Here’s what they came up:

App Miner

This app does what its name says: it mines for app treasures. And by app treasures, we mean those that’ll help you save a few bucks by keeping tabs on apps that are currently in bargain price in a master list. The App Miner lets you filter the list into free and paid apps, making it easier for those who doesn’t want to shell out some dough.

App Gems

App Gems helps users decide what app to get by providing user reviews for each app. Its provides a capsulated description and recommendations for the app, allowing you to somehow get the feel of what the app is all about.

App Sniper

AppSniper is similar to the App Miner, providing users with a list of apps whose prices have been dropped. The difference is that this app costs $1. To make up for the price though, the AppSniper is faster and has a more sophisticated-looking interface than the latter.


If you have absolutely no idea what app you’d want to download and you just want to leave the choosing to the er – hands of faith, then Fluke is the app for you.

This is a free app that shows you a random app at a time, perhaps making it more exciting by finding out apps you’ve never even thought to exist. If you want a bit more direction to your random search though, you can also choose to filter it by free or paid and by category.

The App Store

The last but uhm, not the least, is the App Store. According to the PCWorld, this is still the fastest way to search directly for apps, especially with the new Genius function that helps users find apps that are similar or related to the ones they’ve got.

Peace out! 😉

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/172880/5_apps_for_finding_iphone_apps.html

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