Angry Birds Seasons updated with Piglantis


The popular and addicting game Angry Birds has received an update to their best-selling Android and iPhone game in time for the summer season.

Angry Birds Seasons will dive into the depths of Piglantis, where users will battle it out with new underwater enemies.

Piglantis is set underwater, much like the famed Atlantis. Here you and your birds battle it out with a new breed of pigs.

The update is available for both iOS users and Android users. The game recently took you to the outer space with their Angry Birds Space edition. This was the first Angry Birds game set on a different dimension or environment.

Angry Birds Space involved gravity as one of the major factors that you fight with. Unlike previous Angry Birds versions, where you only need to knock out the different pigs and obstacles that blocked your way, the Angry Birds Space edition included the latter and at the same time the forces of gravity, which made the game even more difficult and challenging.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis, however, brings you to another dimension and a few more different obstacles and challenges.

Rovio has been very successful with the Angry Birds franchise. The company has been setting records on their way to smashing rivals games.

Have you updated Piglantis then?

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Angry Birds Space hits 100 million download mark

Rovio has hit the jackpot once again, after their latest Angry Birds edition hit the 100 million download mark, 76 days after the company released it.

In a tweet, Rovio claimed, “100 MILLION Angry Birds Space downloads!! SQUAWK if you’re in space!”

Launched last March 22, Angry Birds Space is Rovio’s latest baby, after previously launching a number of successful Angry Birds games.

It is also good to note that Rovio is going to release another version of Angry Birds sometime this month.

According to The Next Web, Angry Birds Heikki is coming to various app stores this month. The former also said that Angry Birds Space enjoyed brisk sales in the first three months since its launch.

Angry Birds Space was able to reach 10 million downloads just three days after Rovio released it to the public and was able to gather 20 million downloads just a week after the company made it available to fans.

35 days after it hit the market, Angry Birds Space was downloaded 50 million times.

The Next Web also said that, according to Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio,  Angry Birds titles were downloaded a total of 1 billion times. Half of these were done in the past six months.

Have you downloaded the Angry Birds Space yet? Do you prefer the original Angry Birds game?


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