#170 Gamescom 2019 HYPE!

There’s alot of hype around Gamescom 2019 this year, let’s see what is going down before it all kicks off!

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Maingear introduces the Pulse 11 inch gaming laptop

Gaming laptop is starting to flood the market and 11 inch versions have since been making waves. The latter has seen a roller coaster ride and hasn’t really achieved its potential yet.

The first 11 inch gaming laptop was released in the Consumer Electronics Show way back in 2010. Alienware M11X was unveiled during the annual event and took it by storm some calling it the best gaming laptop under 1000. Unfortunately, production was discontinued a year after as Intel’s new Ivy Bridge CPUs hit the market.

While Alienware pulled out its 11 inch gaming laptop, Origin unveiled their version with the Eon-11. The Eon-11 has one of the best gaming keyboard ever made!

Now, Maingear is trying to shake up the market as they unveil their own 11 inch gaming laptop.

Dubbed the Pulse 11, it is powered by a full-voltage third gen Core i7 processor and Nvidia’s latest GeForce GT 650M.

The Pulse 11 also features an internal 802.11 B+G+N wireless LAN + Bluetooth combo module. It has two built in speaker with THX TruStudio Pro Sound. It also has a built in 9-in-1 media card reader and a memory up to 16GB dual-channel DDR3 – 1600MHz.

The Pulse 11 comes with a genuine Windows 7 operating system.

If you have $999 to spare then you can bring this fancy gadget home.

Image source:cheaplaptops.org.uk

Dell unveils new gaming monitor and laptop

Dell seems pretty focused on their gaming consumers as they display a new gaming laptop and monitor from Alienware at the CES this week, visit their homepage, it’s worth a look.

The Alienware M11x  has an 11-inch display screen with an HD 720p resolution.  Don’t let the small size fool you though, because according to the company, it has “all the power of a 15-inch laptop” and it is “”as easy to carry as it is powerful”. Dell did not mention the laptop for reports say its below $1000.

For those who really do want larger screens, Dell is also set to release their M15x ($1,399) and M17x ($1,799) models. The M17x will run on Intel Core i7 processors.

Also on display on Dell’s booth is the 23-inch Alienware OptX AW2310 monitor. It is capable of in-game 3D through NVIDIA 3D Vision technology. You will have to fork out a separate $499 for it though as it is sold separately from NVIDIA.

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/186236/dell_reveals_laptops_monitor_for_gamers_at_ces.html/

World’s fastest graphic card from AMD

Source: PCWorld

Well, according to the company that is. But with the features and amazing power this graphic card packs in, it’s not that hard to believe.

The ATI Radeon HD 5970 incorporates some of today’s coolest characteristics graphic cards must have, including ATI’s Eyefinity which enables a single card to support up to six monitors at a maximum resolution of 7680 x 1600. A monitor with a DisplayPort connector however, is needed for this to be fully enjoyed.

The HD 5970 is also equipped with an HD Audio controller, 5 teraflops of power, DirectX11 capable and efficiency tools that will take the load off your power consumption. The ATI Overdrive lets you overclock your graphic cards without any performance caps. The company however, doesn’t extend its warranty to cover damage caused by overclocking.

So want one? Be ready to shell out as much as $600 for this one. Alienware is among the first companies to include the cards in their new PCs.

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/182532/amd_unveils_the_ati_radeon_hd_5970_your_gpu_cowers_in_shame.html

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