iPad mini photo leaks

iPad mini leaked photos show black and white tablets


Are we getting closer to seeing a new Apple iPad being unleashed by Apple?

Images of a supposed new Apple iPad mini surfaced last Tuesday showing a 7-inch tablet and a few of its components.

Leaked by UkrainianiPhone, the photo was reportedly taken inside a factory in China by someone who has access inside it.

The images showed two iPad mini variants, a white tablet and a black one. The report also added that it features WiFi connectivity and supports 3G technology. It also has a nano SIM tray and a dock for Apple’s latest Lighting drive.

Some sources have also said that a Foxconn factory in South America is also producing this new iPad mini.

According to Macotakara, a factory in Brazil will be or is producing Apple’s latest tablet.

If these speculations are true, then these two production sites could be due to the overwhelming orders that Apple got for their latest iPhone. The iPhone 5 has been flying off the shelves even as pre-order deliveries have not yet started.

With another site producing the new iPad mini, this could ease the congestion that iPhone 5 orders have made.

For the time being, it is ruoured that Apple is presenting iPad mini in 2 weeks. Let’s wait and see!

Image Source: gizmodo.com.au


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