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Apple and Samsung calls a truce

Image Source: To the patent war outside the US, that is. This news still comes as a big welcome however, as the world has been a witness to the never-ending infringement cases that they have been throwing at each other for years. The two technology giants have announced in a joint statement that they are withdrawing all […] Read more →

Samsung sales up during the previous quarter

Samsung third quarter sales up Despite losing a court battle to Apple in the United States, South Korean tech firm Samsung has posted a record profit during the third quarter of 2012. With Samsung’s numbers increasingly growing due to strong sales from their smartphones and tablets, they are set to hit a high in profit sales. According to a regulatory […] Read more →

Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S hacked!

Pwn2Own Hackers Many people still believe that due to technology the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S III are the world’s most secure phones. The two companies would love to claim that no one can compromise the two of the world’s most popular smartphones. But in a security conference this week, hackers from Netherlands and Great […] Read more →

Samsung Galaxy S IV in the works?

Galaxy S IV Here comes the rumor mill once again. A Samsung Galaxy S IV in the works? Well, according to South Korean paper Korea Times, the Galaxy S IV will sport a 5 inch screen bigger than its predecessors 4.8 inch display. Not only that, but rumors have it that the Galaxy S IV will be launched […] Read more →