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The Evolution of Handheld Gaming

The Evolution of Handheld Gaming   For a long time, handheld gaming was seen as the little brother to its console counterparts, but with the rise of popularity in smartphone gaming that may not be the case much longer. A recent report by AppLift provides data that estimates smartphone gaming will be a $14 billion industry by 2016, with an […] Read more →

Nintendo launches Wii U console

game consoles At last, Nintedo has made the Wii U game console official after the company gave details on the aforementioned device during a press conference held in New York. According to Nintendo, their newest game console will be available in the US beginning November 19. The Wii U was first seen by the public during the […] Read more →

Samsung to have their own Cloud Gaming Service

Samsung to have their own Cloud Gaming Service After releasing the phone dubbed as the “iPhone Killer”, Samsung is at it again after they announced their plans of entering the gaming industry with a Cloud Gaming Service. To be powered by Gaikai, Samsung is going to stream games directly to users. This will remove the need for expensive gaming hardware. Gaikai is already […] Read more →

Wii U GamePad prototype unleashed by Nintendo

wii u gamepad Japanese console and game developer Nintendo has provided a sneak peak to their second gen Wii console to provide excitement just days before the E3 opens its doors to the public. In a video that was streamed online, Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, showed features of their new Wii U GamePad. The Wii U Gamepad features […] Read more →

Nintendo’s Miyamoto not retiring yet

 This is what Nintendo was quick to respond to on the report that Shigeru Miyamoto, one of their best guys, was quoted saying that he will be retiring. Wired magazine published quotes stating that he wanted to lighten his workload and would want the younger generation to take the spotlight. A Nintendo spokesperson, in a […] Read more →

Xbox 360: most-used game console

 In  a recent study conducted by market researcher Nielsen, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is the most-used game console in America. The result was based on the console’s share of total usage minutes. The Xbox 360 got 23.1 percent of gaming time. In the second PlayStation 2 with 20.4 of game time while Nintendo Wii bags the […] Read more →

Mickey Mouse’s dark side soon on Wii

 Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? The iconic Walt Disney character has become a household name known to many as cute, happy-go-lucky mouse on different adventures. What others didn’t know, or forgot, is that the mischievous mouse started out as badly-behaved critter (still in a slightly good way though 😉 ) in 1928. Warren Spector, a […] Read more →