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Move over Snapchat, Instagram’s Bolt is here

Bolt Facebook-owned Instagram has recently unveiled it’s latest offering to the world, Bolt. This new messaging app allows users to send self-deletable photos and video messages on their smartphones, very similar to the already-popular Snapchat. With just a click, users can both select recipients to send photos to and take a photo at the same time. Users […] Read more →

Facebook rolling out Collections to rival Pinterest

Facebook Collections combats Pinterest scourge Pinterest has been getting a lot of members lately. Since its inception, Pinterest has become one of the most used content sharing sites in the world. With this, social networking behemoth Facebook is rolling out a new feature that would rival Pinterest. Called Collections, Facebook members are now enabled to engage with their FB friends […] Read more →

Facebook rolls out revamped gifts feature

Gift giving feature on Facebook The fast paced lifestyle these days can be atrocious, especially when it affects our relationship with other individuals that are important to us. Though technology keeps communication lines open, technology also creates this world where invisible walls are hard to breach. Forgetting someone’s special day, like birthdays and anniversaries, are hard to accept, especially if […] Read more →

LinkedIn hits 10 million members in UK

LinkedIn members LinkedIn may not be as popular as Facebook in regards to members, but LinkedIn must be doing something right as they have stuck in the social networking race for quite a while. LinkedIn currently has about 175 million members worldwide, a far cry from Facebook’s. The business social network revealed that there are now 10 […] Read more →