The Evolution of Handheld Gaming

The Evolution of Handheld Gaming   For a long time, handheld gaming was seen as the little brother to its console counterparts, but with the rise of popularity in smartphone gaming that may not be the case much longer. A recent report by AppLift provides data that estimates smartphone gaming will be a $14 billion industry by 2016, with an […] Read more →

Cloud Computing: What It Was and What it Has Become

Cloud Computing: What It Was and What it Has Become The phrase “follow the cloud” started popping up about ten years ago. Even though cloud computing technically started in the sixties, it didn’t really float (pun intended) until around fifteen years ago, when Google opened its doors, says Salesforce. And in the past few years, it has become the way to store and share files […] Read more →

Siri Versus Cortana: The Ultimate AI Battle

Siri Versus Cortana: The Ultimate AI Battle There’s a new personal assistant in town by the name of Cortana. This friendly AI bot lives in your Windows Phone and helps manage your everyday life. Some of you may know Cortana from the Halo video game series, but the Cortana on your Windows phone, like the Nokia Lumia 521 or the Nokia Lumia […] Read more →

Sony pulls the plug on its e-reader

Sony discontinues e-reader In yet another sad news for Sony, the Japanese company has announced that production for their e-reader will cease after transferring its ebook business to Kobo. “Final production of the current Reader model, PRS-T3, was made at the end of May,” a spokeswoman for Sony in Tokyo has written in an email. She also added […] Read more →

Apple and Samsung calls a truce

Image Source: To the patent war outside the US, that is. This news still comes as a big welcome however, as the world has been a witness to the never-ending infringement cases that they have been throwing at each other for years. The two technology giants have announced in a joint statement that they are withdrawing all […] Read more →