Beware the Popular Health Apps!

Beware the Popular Health Apps Summer is in full swing for us here in America, and with it comes the plethora of apps we now have time to fool around with in the iTunes App Store. But be warned, not all health apps are telling you the truth and some are sneaky enough to hide their disclaimers at the bottom […] Read more →

Upcoming Changes!

Upcoming Changes After a brief visionary expedition, we’re back and excited to be bringing some upcoming changes to our website and the tech news world! 1. Vision The NEW overall vision for TechNewsGadget is “to regularly provide you with amazing tech news that you A) won’t find anywhere else and B) demands virality.” To break it down… I love […] Read more →

iOS & Android Mobile Device Management with Panda Security

 Bracknell, December 2013 Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced the introduction of significant enhancements and new features to Panda Cloud Systems Management (PCSM), the company’s remote management and monitoring solution designed to help IT departments and service providers manage, monitor and support all types of devices on their computer networks. In addition to […] Read more →

Samsung sales up during the previous quarter

Samsung third quarter sales up Despite losing a court battle to Apple in the United States, South Korean tech firm Samsung has posted a record profit during the third quarter of 2012. With Samsung’s numbers increasingly growing due to strong sales from their smartphones and tablets, they are set to hit a high in profit sales. According to a regulatory […] Read more →

Hackers turn two WoW towns into killing fields

WoW towns turns into mass grave World of Warcraft players may have encountered piles and piles of skeletons as they played the other day. Though this site is uncommon to WoW players, but gamers have reported that they have indeed seen these odd sights during their game. According to reports, hackers were able to breach and find an exploit that enabled […] Read more →

Facebook rolling out Collections to rival Pinterest

Facebook Collections combats Pinterest scourge Pinterest has been getting a lot of members lately. Since its inception, Pinterest has become one of the most used content sharing sites in the world. With this, social networking behemoth Facebook is rolling out a new feature that would rival Pinterest. Called Collections, Facebook members are now enabled to engage with their FB friends […] Read more →