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What is the Tech News Talk Show Podcast?

Looking for a podcast to have a casual conversation with friends over the latest news in tech, gadgets and gaming? So do we!┬áThis podcast is unlike many other technology podcasts you may have listened to in the past. We don’t get caught up in random details and bore you with long rants. We like to keep it to the point, keep rants to a minimum, and keep you energized. Why? Because we love tech just as much as you do!

The Tech News Talk Show podcast is brought to you by TechNewsGadget and is hosted by Taylor Marek. Soon we plan on having friends and guests from the tech industry join us so we can pick their brains and enjoy a casual conversation that we want you to be a part of.

Join us every week as the Tech News Talk Show brings you a new episode to keep you up to date and excited about the latest tech news!

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