Microsoft Has New Xbox Controller For Accessibility, Leak Image Shows

Software giant Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Xbox controller for accessibility. The company’s new controller, according to the company, would include two oversized A and B pads.

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller


The new Xbox controller has also a d-pad, and it would also include the usual Xbox button and navigation controls. A report from Windows Central revealed that Microsoft’s new Xbox controller is specifically designed for accessibility.


The same report hinted that the software giant would likely unveil the new Xbox controller during the conduct of E3 slated next month. In fact, prior to the unveiling, an image of the controller has surfaced online as posted by Twitter user WalkingCat.


A quick check of the leaked Xbox controller shows what obviously looks like programmable A and B pads. The controller has three-light LED indicator, which was exactly the same as that of the second-generation Xbox One Elite controller leak.


Also, the new Microsoft Xbox controller features a variety of inputs at the top which would presumably be used to connect with other devices and to map Xbox functions as well. In case you don’t know, the controller has been codenamed Project Z and it also appeared that it would include a headphone jack and USB port, among others.


By having a USB port in the controller, it would likely help accessibility users program the controller for use with Xbox One games or apps.


Meanwhile, Microsoft is slated to hold its E3 keynote on June 10th this year. This means that we would be hearing more about this new controller very soon.

Leaked Image Reveals Microsoft’s New Xbox Controller For Accessibility

The Xbox may be getting a new controller built for accessibility.

A leaked image posted by Twitter user WalkingCat shows a controller with two oversized A and B pads, a d-pad, and the usual Xbox button and navigation controls. Could this be a controller designed for people with disability?

It seems very likely. Windows Central reports that Microsoft has been quietly working on a controller designed around accessibility needs. It is possible that this could be the latest controller for the Xbox.

The giant A and B pads look like they can be programmable controllers. It also has a large directional pad, and oversized Guide, Back, and Start buttons. Looking closer at side of the controller, you can see a USB port and a headphone jack. At the controller’s top part, there are at least 22 symbols which could be inputs for other devices to map Xbox functions to. The three light LEDs could indicate when different programmed modes are active.

It’s good to know that major companies like Microsoft are trying to be more inclusive in their devices. There’s no denying that most gaming consoles require precise motor control which could be difficult to some people. If this turns out to be a real device, it could really give a better gaming experience for those with unique accessibility needs.

Microsoft will have its E3 in June. If this is indeed a legit device, we’re sure to hear about it at the event.

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