#33 Apple Keynote 2018

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Apple’s big news in 108 seconds


NBA 2K19 Is A Nightmarish Vision Of Our Microtransaction-Stuffed Future

Let’s start with the good news: NBA 2K19 is not as egregious with its nickel-and-diming as NBA 2K18 was. But that being the good news is also what makes this the worst news. Last year’s entry in what’s still the best basketball series (on the court at least) on the planet was heavily criticised by fans for the way it charged full retail price for admission then at almost every turn tried to bleed players for even more cash, not just for cosmetic stuff but for career progression as well.

Microsoft tests ‘warning’ Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox

Microsoft is testing a warning for Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox. The software giant is in the final stages of testing its Windows 10 October 2018 Update, and testers have spotted a new change that appears when you try to install a rival web browser. “You already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10” says a prompt that appears when you run the Chrome or Firefox installers on the latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

‘Pokémon Go’ saw a 35 percent growth this summer

Pokémon Go remains one of the most recognizable mobile games around, but it definitely experienced periods of user decline over the past couple of years after it took the world by storm. While not everyone who used to play the game picked it up again, it sounds like this past summer has been good to it — according to Niantic, it saw a 35 percent increase in active usage since May. That’s in line with a SuperData report from June, which said that the game had its highest active user count in May since its debut in 2016.

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WWDC 2018: What You Need To Know About iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS Updates

Apple stuck to the script at the annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). No new hardwares were unveiled. Instead, the company focused on updates to its operating systems: iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.


Apple kicked off its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California on Monday with tons of software updates. As expected, there were no new hardwares unveiled, the company opting to reserve that for its September event.

But it doesn’t mean there aren’t any exciting products to look out for!  Apple says most of these features will come in the fall. Here’s a quick summary of the stuff to be excited about when they become available later this year.

iOS 12: Siri Shortcuts, Memoji, Group FaceTime, ARKit 2 and ScreenTime

It is much easier to work with Siri in iOS 12. With Siri Shortcuts, the smart assistant can suggest actions based on factors like time, location, and even your calendar. This means you can ask Siri to do a set of commands such turning on the home AC, texting your mom your ETA and turning on your car radio, all with just the phrase “heading home”.

Memoji is very similar to AR Emoji that debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S9. It brings customisable emojis to the iPhone X. New effects are also coming to Messages and FaceTime apps. Users can now add filters, stickers, text, and Animoji to photos and videos before they send them.

Facetime has been upgraded as well. Now you can add up to 32 different people with the option of audio or video.

Apple is determined to expand its services into the AR realm. The company unveiled today its ARKit 2 framework which brings support for multiple users in the same AR environment. 

Another AR-related tool is the Measure, which will allow you to measure 3D objects in real time using the camera. You do this by simply tapping and touching screen.

With all these cool new features, Apple also doesn’t want you to just spend all your time on your phone. Screen Time offers weekly summary reports to help you see which apps you use more. App Limits allow users to well, set time limits for certain apps with constant reminders. You can of course, ignore the warning but iOS 12 will continue to remind you of it.


The new macOS, called Mojave, will now let users enter into something called Dark Mode. This feature allows you to dim your desktop screen making it easier for the eyes. Dark Mode is specifically intended to make editing photos and videos even better.

Mojave is also introducing Desktop Stacks. It allows users better acess to their desktops by automatically stacking files into groups based on file type.

The Mac App Store has also gone through a facelift. It now sports an upgraded look and better text content. The addition of Create, Work, Play, and Develop tabs let users easily find what apps they want to install on their devices.


Apple gave a preview of its tvOS 12 for the Apple TV lineup. A Zero Sign-on feature gives users access to their account by automatically signing them on. The feature will detect the broadband network a user is on and gives them access to the premium apps bundled to their plan.

The Apple TV app for all Apple devices now supports over 100 video apps from 10 countries.

Additionally, the company also announced a partnership with Charter communications to provide Apple TV 4K to customers. The latter is the second largest cable provider in the US.


The Cupertino-based company has also unveiled the watchOS 5 for its wearable tech.

Users now have the ability to do watch to watch communication through a feature called Walkie-Talkie. It is quite a convenient feature when you want to exchange voice messages back and forth in real time without hopping onto a call.

Apple has however, dropped supported for the original Apple Watch. The update is only available for Apple Watch Series 1 and later. It also requires an iPhone 5s or later device running iOS 12.

Entry-level MacBooks Launching

WWDC 2018: Entry-level Macbooks

Entry-level MacBooks will be launched by Apple this 2018. Apple will have its developer conference this June. And there are rumors about what Apple is planning to launch. A report said that the company is working on an entry-level MacBook which will be shipped by the end of 2018’s second quarter.

A 9.7 – inch “inexpensive” iPad is also in the works for the second quarter. Along with it are new iPad Pro models being targeted also in the second quarter.

Apple’s entry-level MacBook is expected to arrive in the second quarter. It will have the price tag as the current MacBook Air models in the market. Bit it may probably slightly lower. Apple originally set out to reduce the overall cost by dealing with a China-based display manufacturer bit Apple faced “issues” with the company. So the company relied on a South Korea-based LG display instead.

According to the reports, this entry-level MacBook will have a 13.3-inch amorphous silicon panels. LG display will start supplying these panels in April. This will make the first batch ready by the end of May or beginning of June.

Quanta computer will handle 70 percent of Apple’s orders while the remaining 30 percent will be handled by FoxConn.

Apple’s target in sales for these MacBooks in 2018 is 6 million units. But the company may only hit the 4 million mark due to the end cost.

Apple is targeting a starting price range between $799 and $899.

The 9.7-inch iPad is slated to arrive in the second quarter. It is a refresh of the unit released on 2017. It will cost a mere $259. Supply chain vendors are now shipping components of the refreshed tablet.

Also for the upgraded iPad Pro targeting the second half of 2018.

Apple has a lot of other innovations planned. These innovations are being developed by the company to improve their products and meet the needs of their users. The company is always thinking and developing their products to give their users the best. This is also to attract future users.
So let us all watch out for the coming of the entry-level MacBooks from Apple. Also their other developed and upgraded products. All coming out this 2018.

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