AT&T to release first Windows Phone 8 devices

Windows Phone 8 devices to be released first by AT&TWondering when the very first Windows Phone 8 will be released?

Well, according to a report from The Verge, pre-orders for the first Windows Phone 8 device will begin on October 21. The lucky telecom company that will be serving the Windows Phone 8 device is none other than AT&T.

AT&T is said to be going to sell the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X.

HTC is going to release the 8X and the 8S. The former is a high end smartphone while the latter will be catering to cash strapped individuals.

Nokia on the other hand, is going to release the Lumia 920 which features a 4.5 inch screen and is powered by a Snapdragon S4 processor. They are also going to release a lower tiered version in the Lumia 820.

Lumia 920 is exclusively tied up with AT&T, while the 8X has still not made a deal with the telecom giant.

It is widely rumored that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be launched this November 2, while HTC is said to roll out their 8X and 8S that same month though no definite date has been released.

Are you excited with the release of the Windows Phone 8 devices?

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Windows Phone 8 Will Not Run On Existing Phones

Windows Phone 8 is coming very soon. The bad thing is that the new operating system will not run on all existing Windows Phones. The smartphone operating system was launched earlier on this week.

This new development will lead to reduced sales of the existing window phones. This is expected to be a problem to Nokia, as it has been making the Lumia smartphones running the windows operating system. However this operating system is expected to be upgraded to Windows 7.5. The sales will definitely reduce, as new buyers will seek to wait and have the Windows Phone 8 when they are eventually released. This will adversely affect Nokia’s revenues, as they are heavily relying on the Windows Phones to shore up their profits. Nokia, just like Blackberry, have faced a lot of competition from Samsung and Apple in the smartphones market.

The reason that will make the existing phones not upgradable to the Windows 8 is that they run single core processors. Microsoft wants the Windows 8 to run on multi core processors and also on devices that have a superior screen resolution so as to support a wide range of gaming and video applications.

The new Windows 8 platform will not be exclusive for Nokia but will also be used by Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei. The Windows 8 operating system will be at the same level with android and iOS systems. What will be an addition to the Windows Phone 8 will be an expandable memory card since the other smartphones do not have the SD slots.

Would you buy the new Windows Phone 8 now that Windows 8 are coming?

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Lumia 900: The gun that people jumped.

There are some users that are simply pissed off at Microsoft and Nokia right now. Early adopters may just develop a phobia to the whole mess.

Nokia was quite in a hurry to get back on its feet after partnering with Microsoft to make Windows Mobile devices.

The Lumia series was supposed to be the start of something new for them, a way to get back on track and sell phones that people want.

Many were reluctant about the partnership. In fact, many were reluctant solely with the new Windows 8 that is supposed to be coming out soon. Despite that fact, there are those who jumped the gun and went ahead with their hopes soaring high that Windows won’t bite them in the butt.

The Lumia 900 in particular is a very new phone. It’s practically in its diapers. Nokia, in its hurry to gain more money and have people bite into the Nokia-

Windows partnership, has released a phone so close to the release of the Windows 8 mobile platform. Their biggest mistake was making this phone simply incapable of advancing to Windows 8.

That’s right, in the recent keynote, Microsoft said that the previous generation of Windows phones will not be upgradable to the Windows 8 OS. They say it is because of the hardware not being ready for the new Windows 8 OS.

Nokia made some users jump the gun and buy a new phone for 2012, hoping that this new phone will introduce them properly to the Windows mobile platform and then be able to move on to Windows 8 as soon as it is available. You would think that in this recent partnership, Nokia at least knew some details on the Windows 8 OS that they will soon be branding out to users. To release a brand new phone in the same year and make sure that it will be outdated in less than a few months has put a lot of early adopters in an uproar.

The Lumia has gained a lot of negative criticism, due to some early bugs at release. People were still trying to give it a chance. People felt that ‘this is a spanking new phone; no way support will drop so soon’. While Microsoft is indeed planning to release a Windows 7.8 , which will port the look and feel of Windows mobile 8 to Windows Mobile 7, it will not provide nearly the same functionality as the new phones that will come out pretty soon from Nokia.

Lumia 900 was too early in the year. Too early to adapt, and too early a release. For those who have jumped the gun and got one, it would be the phone that would scare them away from Nokia’s business practices. A bad start and an untimely miserable death marked the life of the Lumia 900.

Have you been scorned by Nokia? Will you still be getting a Windows phone from them despite the bad rap? It depends really. Late adopters seem to still want to give it a shot, but will probably wait it out a bit more, in case something like this drops on us again. Nokia needs to make it up to the upset customers. They are already lacking in fan base. Losing more is just hurting their plans to get back into the game.

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Better Skype integration in Windows Phone 8?


Microsoft revealed that their internet communication tool Skype will be more integrated with their upcoming operating system, Windows Phone 8,  to be released in a few months.

Microsoft said this during their Windows Phone 8 summit. The company’s Skype team revealed last month that they are working hard on Skype for Windows 8.

Skype was acquired by Microsoft last year, it currently has about 200 million users and is considered as one of the premiere internet communication programs around.

The Skype app for Windows Phone 8 will boost Nokia devices VOIP or voice-over-IP support. This will enable users to make Skype calls much like making a traditional voice call.

After hearing the news, Xbox fanatics posed a question as to when Skype will be made available to Xbox units.

Being the owner of Skype, Microsoft has the ability to place this technology to all their devices including the Xbox and the rumored Xbox 720.

Rumors have persisted that Skype will be integrated to the Xbox 720 but it still hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft.

Skype has long been popular to individuals the world over. If rumors are true, that Skype will be made available to the Xbox, then this could make the game console’s hold on the top firmer.

Do you believe that the Xbox 720 will be integrated with Skype?

Are you tempted to buy Windows Phone 8?

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Zynga games coming to Windows Marketplace

Zynga has produced a number of popular games for quite some time now. Two of their most popular are Draw Something and Words With Friends. These addicting games have caught individuals in a trance and have caused problems for others (attention Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock).

Now, Draw Something and Words With Friends are coming to your Windows 8 Phone platform, as soon as Microsoft launches the operating system.

Microsoft announced that their Windows 8 will have more than 100,000 apps on their Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft is banking heavily on their Windows 8 operating system to fend off Android and iOS, two of the leading operating systems out there today.

Individuals went crazy when Zynga released Words With Friends back in 2009. This Scrabble like game has made millions for Zynga.

Words With Friends was the top iOS game for many users until Zynga released their latest game Draw Something this year.

Draw Something was downloaded 50 million times in only its first 50 days in business.

Draw Something and Words With friends are the first Zynga owned games to be made available to Windows 8 and Windows Phone users.

Can this be a start of something big for Windows 8 and Microsoft?

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