#149 SNEAK PEEK Of Marvel’s Avengers

Someone got a video of some new gameplay from the game and posted it all over Reddit!

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Symantec: Norton speeds up Windows 8 OS

Would you believe if an anti-virus company claimed that their anti-virus will actually increase or boost up the speed of your computer?

Security provider Symantec believes that their Norton security software for Windows 8 actually speeds up Microsoft’s new operating system.

Symantec’s head of development Collin Davis boasted that the performance of Symantec’s new code is beneficial because when you use it with Microsoft’s Windows Defender, the result would be a faster experience.

Davis said, “Windows, as you know, include Defender. And that’s a big deal. that’s great, it’s important and it’s continued to raise the bar.”

“If you turn off Defender, your PC will be faster. We always have overhead, we still do. We add less overhead than Defender does. Beginning with our Fall release, you will be updated to the latest technology without reboots,” he added.

Symantec did an internal test with regards to the speed of their Norton product. And it proved that it indeed speeds up your PC.

The good thing about the new Norton program is that you don’t need to reboot your PC when you install updates.

Davis said, “You won’t need to reboot your PC. We’ve done a lot of new work on our update system without having to bounce the system.”

What do you think of this Norton program then?

Image Source: buzzbox.com

Windows 8 to be released with pre-installed antivirus program

To protect Windows phone users in the world, Microsoft is going to pre-install an anti-virus software in all Windows 8 phones.

PC World reported that Windows 8 will is going to come with an upgraded version of Windows Defender. The latter is going to have antivirus functions to protect users and their smartphones.

PC World said, “Windows Defender now provides similar protection – and a similar look and feel – to that of the free Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus program, which Microsoft has offered to users as an optional download since 2009.”

This antivirus software will provide basic protection against viruses and malware.

Another feature that is likely one of the best is the SmartScreen filter. This is similar to Internet Explorer 9 that help detects and blocks potentially malicious programs.

PC World added, “The function complements IE’s website filtering, which works to block phishing and malicious sites. Starting with Windows 8, the program monitoring portion of the SmartScreen Filter is built into Windows itself, and it will work whether you’re using IE, Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser.”

Another feature that Windows 8 has is the “picture password.”

This uses a photo or image and requires the user to draw three gestures –circles, straight lines or taps/clicks – in different places.”

Image Source: softwarebuzzer.com

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