Play PS4 Controller With 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter

A tiny USB adapter would allow you to use a PS4 controller with a Nintendo Switch. While gamers branded it as an expensive add-on, it is nonetheless, a solid gamepad. Gamers called it as the 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter.


The adapter was released by 8Bitdo, a popular company known for marketing a retro-style controllers. The company is selling the adapter for $19.99. Using this adapter allows gamers to use several numbers of controllers with the Switch.


What is 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter?


What good about this 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter is that it supports both Sony’s Dual Shock 3 and Dual Shock 4. The company also has other controllers designed to work with other gaming consoles.


And this 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter could actually be a better alternative even though you have already a Sony’s Dual Shock 4. The company’s adapter also supports other Nintendo modern controllers like the Wii remote, Wii U Pro Controller, as well as the Switch’s Joy-Con and Pro Controller.


Well, obviously, using the adapter gives you allot of options to play any games. But the adapter is not just only working in Switch. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, Android TV, Raspberry Pi, and Retrofreak devices.


This means that gamers have been given many ways to explore the adapter’s functionality beyond the controllers they already own.

Nintendo Brings Mario, Zelda Games To Android Devices

Android users can spend more time playing online games using their phones. Why? Because game developer Nintendo is rolling out two of its popular games.

Nintendo rolls out Super Mario and Legend of Zelda games in Android devices. Avid fans of the games expressed excitement as news has surfaced that both franchises are heading to Android-powered devices.

Moreover, the Japanese powerhouse Nintendo is also planning something different this time. While the news of both games is making noise on the internet, Nintendo is negotiating Nvidia about its console.


Also, Nintendo is planning to license Wii and GameCube to Nvidia. What is clear right now is that Wii and GameCube will not be coming to Android devices this time.

However, Android-enabled Nvidia Shield set-top box will be available in China. Mobile gamers can also download and play several Wii games. This includes the Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the New Super Mario Bros., as well as the Punch Out.

With this, avid fans of Super Mario in China can now play and download the popular game. Thanks to Nvidia Shield, mobile gamers can play the iconic game as part of the world’s gaming market.

Meanwhile, in China, gamers can buy the Nvidia Shield for US$226 or equivalent to 1, 499 yuan. Nvidia said that its device is compatible with Baidu’s DuerOS.

The device features a conversational artificial intelligence system and entertainment options. Gamers could expect more games will be introduced to China by 2018, according to Nvidia.

As an Android user, do you welcome the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda games in Android-powered devices?

Nintendo launches Wii U console

At last, Nintedo has made the Wii U game console official after the company gave details on the aforementioned device during a press conference held in New York.

According to Nintendo, their newest game console will be available in the US beginning November 19.

The Wii U was first seen by the public during the E3 conference a year ago. Since then, only Wii U tests were conducted by reviewers and only for a limited number of games.

Nintendo is the first game console company to launch their latest device that would hopefully bolster their 2012 sales with the impending Holiday season. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 still haven’t made any announcement regarding future releases.

Nintendo will first launch the Wii U on two bundles. One bundle costs $299 and the other $349.

Here is a detailed piece on the differences between the two:


–          Wii U Game Console

–          One GamePad

–          Sensor bar

–          8GB SSD

–          HDMI cable


–          Wii U Console

–          One GamePad

–          Sensor bar

–          8GB SSD

–          HDMI cable

–          Charging Stand

–          Console Stand

–          32GB SSD

–          Nintendo Land game disc

Are you excited for the new Wii?

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Wii U GamePad prototype unleashed by Nintendo

Japanese console and game developer Nintendo has provided a sneak peak to their second gen Wii console to provide excitement just days before the E3 opens its doors to the public.

In a video that was streamed online, Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, showed features of their new Wii U GamePad.

The Wii U Gamepad features a 6.2 inch screen that displays maps and information to complement the game. It can also act as a touchscreen game board and can serve as a second monitor.

The demo also showed that the console can also serve as a television remote control and the built in screen can serve as a “social window” to enable individuals using the Wii U GamePad console to play against each other online.

Its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii, was a huge success as it changed the way individuals play games. Its motion-sensing controllers became a huge hit and paved the way for active gaming sessions.

Casual games, free or inexpensive games, that is played through smartphones or tablets have hurt the company and the gaming business per se.

According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said, “The snack food type games thrive at the expense of casual games.”

“They have hurt the Wii and the DS badly and taken away the casual gamer,” he added.

Do you anticipate for the Wii U Gamepad, then?

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Crysis 2: 2011 Most Pirated Game

Filesharing blog Torrent Freak has just released data on the most illegally downloaded by PC users. And the number one on the list is Crysis 2.

According to Torrent Freak, CRYSIS 2 was downloaded illegally 3.9 million times beating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) as the most pirated game in 2011.

Modern Warfare 3 sold more than $1 billion dollars on its first 16 days in the market. Its was downloaded illegally by 3.6 million individuals. It was closely followed by Battlefield 3 which was downloaded 3.51 million times.

Football based game FIFA 2012 had its share of pirates as it was illegally downloaded 3.39 million times. Lagging behind the latter is Portal 2 which came in fifth with 3.24 million.

Torrent Freak got the data from BitTorrent over the past year across Wii, Xbox 360 and PC. The very fortunate PS3 was not included in the survey as it only receives a few downloads.

PC games are downloaded three times more than its counterparts Wii and Xbox 360.

The site also noted that there are fewer illegal downloads last year compared to the previous year.

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Project Runway goes to Wii

Credit: Bravo TV

Fans of “Project Runway” will not only be able to watch the show in the small screen, they can now be a part of it – in a game, that is.

Atari Inc. announced that it is developing a video game for Nintendo’s Wii based on the popular reality TV fashion competition.

Players of the game will take the role of fashion designers and create designs for the runway. The best part? They can also play the role of models and showcase their virtual masterpieces while strutting their stuff on the catwalk using the Wii Balance Board controller.

Fans will have to wait a little longer though, as the game is set to for release next year. 😉


Cost of modified game consoles: 10 years in prison

If you’ve got the know-how on modifying the Wii, Xbox or Playstation, well, good for you. Just don’t try modifying it so it can play pirated video games.

But if you did – and there’s nothing I can do to stop you – I suggest you better be careful or you’ll end up like this fellow.

Matthew Crippen, a 27-year-old college student from Southern California, is in a very big trouble because of trying to save a few bucks by making his game consoles play pirated video games.

He has been arrested on federal charges but was released Monday night after posting a $5,000 bond according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

According to an article from AP, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents got a tip from the Entertainment Software Association and were able to conduct a search on Crippen’s home in May.

If convicted, Crippen will face a 10-year imprisonment, having been indicted on two counts by a federal grand jury. His arraignment is scheduled on August 10.

So a word of advice? Saving is a good thing, but saving money by buying counterfeit or illegal stuff? Don’t bother. Chances are, karma (or whatever you call it) will come knocking at your door and you’ll be paying a whole lotta money in return, one way or another. J


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