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Cook: Try third party maps for your Apple iOS 6 devices

After cutting ties with Google Maps, Apple developed their own Maps app to the dismay of millions of Apple users. With criticisms hounding the company due to their native Maps app, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology last week due to the company’s failure to provide its consumers a usable and worthy replacement for Google Maps.

In lieu of the shortcomings of their own Maps app, Cook has collated a number of third-party maps app in the Apple App Store putting them in the heading “Find maps for your iPhone”.

Here you can see about 13 Maps apps, ranging from free to premium apps. You can choose between the free MapQuest, to the paid versions of Gokivo GPS Navigator or Magellan RoadMate USA.

Though Cook said that Apple users should be more patient in their native Maps app, he suggested that for the meantime, Apple users can download app such as MapQuest and Waze in the App Store.

If you would like to use Google Maps, then users can go to the Website of Google Maps where they can use it there. You can also use Nokia maps on its Website.

For iPhone 5 users, majority of these Maps app doesn’t support your device as of now.

Image Source: macobersver.com

Robin: Android has a mobile assistant

Good news for Android users all over the world.

Software developer Magnifis released a voice activated mobile assistant for Android, called Robin.

Robin seems like a hybrid of Siri and Waze. Robin is a voice-controlled mobile app that was developed for drivers to use in their cars.

Just like Waze, it’s motion-activated that makes it easier for following distracted driving laws. Robin can also warn you about traffic and speed traps.

But don’t have high hopes yet, as this isn’t a Siri killer. Robin doesn’t have the ability to send text messages and play music. Robin is currently a driving companion. It can find parking and gas station prices.

What makes Robin good, is its ability to learn the drivers schedule or habits. Basing on those patterns, Robin provides relevant navigation and driving information.

Magnifis unveiled Robin last March. It is currently available for free at the Google Play store. Robin is still at the beta phase so expect a lot of glitches at first.

Some reviewers say that Robin doesn’t work on all Android smartphones. HTC MyTouch 4G, HTC Evo 4G LTE users can find it difficult for Robin to run on their mobile phones.

A free downloadable driving assistant is one hell of an upgrade for Android.

Hey Android user, care to try out Robin?

Image Source: droiddog.com


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