#175 Introducing Beeb, The BBC Voice Assistant

Looks like there’s a new voice assistant in town, but this one looks tied mostly to the BBC lineup of software out there. But things could change…

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Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick VPN

VPN On Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Firestick is the simple and cost-effective way of turning on any TV with a USB port into an internet-connected streaming device. This gives its user access to movies, TV shows and other content. But most of these content is geo-locked. It can only be accessed from specific countries. That is where VPN comes in.

What is VPN

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It encrypts all your internet traffic and routing it to an intermediary server to a location of your choice. You can “spoof” your location to make it appear to the content provider as if you are located in another country or region. You can now unblock the geo-locked content on the streaming apps.

By using VPN, you can have access on apps like HBO, Amazon Video Player, Netflix, and many more. Users who use Kodi on their Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks can hide the contents and destination of their internet traffic from snooping internet service providers.

Amazon Fire TV And Fire TV Stick VPN

These devices run on a fork of the Android operating system. Although many VPN providers make Android apps, Fire TV does not have access to Google Play in order to download them. The first generation of Fire TV Stick does not support VPN apps at all.

But there are different methods Amazon Fire TV owners can use to connect their device to a VPN. With the help of the internet, different methods can be found to do this. All they have to do is do select which method is more convenient for them or which method is applicable to their device.

Once they are able to connect to a VPN, Amazon Fire TV users can now unlock the geo-locked apps. Once these apps are unlocked, thru the VPN, streaming will be more fun. Easy access to streaming apps and other content will be possible. And you can stream to your heart’s content.

Technology is good and can help make life easier. But only if we use it properly and in the right way.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Update Brings Secure Wifi, VPN

A week ago, Samsung rolled out a new update for its flagship Galaxy Note 8. The update contains bug fixes and security features for Android-powered devices.

Among the security updates contained in the Galaxy Note 9 software update is the VPN service. Samsung users were not able to notice the new built-in service immediately.

What it makes more interesting is that the Galaxy Note 8 update introduces a new feature for the Galaxy Note series. The VPN service feature allows mobile users to establish a more secure Wi-Fi connection.

It is worthy to note that Samsung previous launched its Secure Wi-Fi service to the Galaxy J series. Some Galaxy J series actually lauded this feature since they are using a low-end type of device.

So how does this VPN works? The built-in VPN service works similarly with Samsung’s latest flagship devices. The service offers users several options to select based on the various plan for the VPN service.

Samsung users can actually pick a VPN service that is free but with limitations. By having a secure Wi-FI, it allows a user to browse the internet when they connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Enabling the VPN service will provide users with a safe access to the internet through encryption, especially the outgoing web traffic.

Samsung also said that such feature prevents access to both websites and applications from users who tracked web activities. This means that the Galaxy Note 8 update adds a new layer of security while being productive.

VPN: A Way To Browse Anonymously Online and Secured

What is VPN?

What is VPN and what is its effect in our lives?

Today, we live in a modern world wherein internet is a big part of our daily lives and routine. We use the internet to communicate with loved ones and co-workers. We use it to do research for our jobs and our projects in school. Some might even say that they can’t live without internet. But with the internet bill skyrocketing, can all of us handle it?

Virtual Private Network

Also known as Virtual Private Network enables users to send and receive data through a private network which extends to a public network. By using this application, a user can have the benefits from the functionality, security and management — the same as a private user’s benefits.

What are the PROs and CONs of VPN?

It actually has many benefits. When you use it, you will be able to browse anonymously, which means your privacy is very secured. Whoever want their privacy blurted out to the whole world, right?

Second, this is actually cheaper than the normal internet plan. You can avail a VPN for as low as $3 a month.

But of course, all good things come to an end.

Virtual Private Network apps are limited. There are websites that they can’t access because of added security. One example is the KissAsian website. I tried to access it using a VPN but to no avail.

Also, when using this application, you will be using a different server. So if the website that you are visiting is only available to a certain country, then I’m sorry but you can’t access it as well.

And don’t forget about repairs and maintenance of a VPN. Once it’s on going a maintenance, then it’s unusable.

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