Google’s gift: Free in-flight Wi-fi

Yup, Google is feeling quite generous as the gift-giving season is slowly approaching.

The internet giant has teamed up with Virgin America to bring free Wi-Fi Internet to the latter’s flights from November 10, 2009 to January 15, 2010.

The internet service itself will be provided by Gogo, an in-flight broadband provider owned by Aircell. And as Information Week put it, Google will be “picking up the tab” during the two-month period.

But wait! Just because it’s free doesn’t mean people can do just about anything they want on the Web. Certain limitations have been enforced by Gogo’s Terms of Service to ensure that passengers can get the best in-flight web experience. These restrictions include requiring users not to display offensive content that that can be seen by fellow passengers and the prohibit of use of VOIP applications like Skype.

According to the company, VoIP blocking was implemented to manage bandwidth use and to prevent passengers from annoying each other with their phone chatter.  🙂



Apple approves Vonage VOIP app

Credit: Vonage

Apple has finally given Vonage the green light for its voice over Internet Protocol app for iPhone and iPod Touch after announcing last week that they are holding up Vonage’s request because of technical issues.

Vonage announced the approval on Tuesday and said that beta tests for the app are now ongoing. Availability of the app for the public will be announced soon too.

However, the company is still keeping mum about what the app will actually do for “competitive reasons”.

Hmmmn, I’m wondering if this means they will also be approving the Google Voice app soon. 🙂


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