#175 Introducing Beeb, The BBC Voice Assistant

Looks like there’s a new voice assistant in town, but this one looks tied mostly to the BBC lineup of software out there. But things could change…

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#111 Apex Legends Is Coming To Mobile

EA is excited to reveal that Apex Legends is coming to mobile! They are hoping to have a release date soon. While you’re reading, don’t forget to donate to our Kickstarter today and get some exclusive merch!

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#101 A Video Game Might Just Save Notre Dame

After watching the fire and destruction unfold at the Notre Dame Cathedral, we might be able to thank a video game for helping us rebuild!

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Google Assistant Button In LG’s G7 ThinQ

LG’s G7 ThinQ Will Have Google Assistant Button

LG’s upcoming G7 ThinQ could have a dedicated button for Google Assistant.  According to a new report, LG’s next flagship, the G7 ThinQ could be getting a button for Google Assistant.

The Featured Button

The LG G7 ThinQ is set to be revealed on May 2, 2018.  The device will reportedly include a physical button on the left side of the phone.  This button will launch Google Assistant when pressed.

Competitor Samsung has also implemented a similar button on its flagship phones since the Galaxy S8 last year.  This (somewhat controversial) button is for the company’s own proprietary AI voice assistant, Bixby.

Hopefully Better Than Bixby

Samsung pioneered the dedicated voice assistant button.  But not everybody became fans of Samsung’s approach with Bixby.  Stories explaining how to disable the Bixby key is still being common over a year after its launch.

The LG G7 ThinQ will be the first product with a dedicted button for launching the Google Assistant.  Nothing is more frustrating than the accidental launch of a voice assistant.  So hopefully, Lg will also offer the ability to disable or remap the button.

LG’s Artificial Intelligence

This South Korean electronics giant is doubling down hard on artificial intelligence this year. The G7 ThinQ is the company’s second 2018 handset that boasts of focus on AI.  The first being the LG V30S ThinQ.

Those who are not fans of Assistant, however, have the option to reassign the button to toggle another application, following Samsung’s footsteps.  Samsung controversially prohibits customers from remapping the dedicated Bixby button.

But avid thinkers will surely rush to develop aftermarket applications that let customers alter the function of the button.  This alteration may depend on the customer’s preferences.

Its Design

The G7 ThinQ include a rear-facing fingerprint reader. Tthere is a so-called “notch” at the top of the edge to edge screen.

Under the hood, the G7 ThinQ is expected to have a Snapdragon 845 processor.  This will be armed with support for QualComm’s Quick Charge 4.0 fast-charging tech.  It has 6GB of RAM and a slew of other new artificial intelligence features.

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