Most Used Applications When it Comes to Communication

Most Popular Applications Used In Communication

Applications are now used in communication. With modernization and technology, communication has never been easier. But with numerous apps to choose from, there are those applications which are popular and most used when communicating.


This app can be downloaded for free from your respective operating store. Messenger is a product of Facebook. It has over one hundred billion users to date. It is also called Facebook Messenger. This app can be used without logging in to Facebook. It is supported by all operating systems. It has the same functions. But its looks depend on the operating system in use.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app globally. Over one billion users have downloaded it. It has grown in leaps and bound after its acquisition by Facebook. Its improved features is one of the reasons why it has gained more users. WhatsApp does not have any advertisements. That is why people prefer this. In addition, it is free and can be downloaded easily.


The origin of this app can be traced to China. It has an added feature, that is you can find new friends nearby by shaking your smartphone. You can also use its GPS function. This app is free, thus making its subscribers grow more and more.


Line has over 200 million users. This is a free app which allows its users to make calls and send messages. This app is popular in Asian countries. Its features include line group, video and voice calls, line timelines, and line stickers. Users can also play games. But you need to register first to have access to its games.


This is also a free social chatting app. Its 174 million users globally in 2003 has increased through out the years. Just like other messaging apps, you can make voice calls, send messages, and share photos with friends.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

You can have fun with features like picture sharing, voice calls, and voice notes. It brings friends and family close r. In the past, only BlackBerry users can have access to this app. But today, it can be downloaded for free on your Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. BBM has security features for its users.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is the newest of all the apps. Its developers did their best to upgrade it to ensure satisfaction of its users. One of its interesting features is the bots. It also has seamless integration between various devices, tablets and PCs included. The conversation is stored in the cloud and synced across all registered devices. The problem with this app is its failing crypto inscription. But despite the challenges Telegram has encountered, it has gained popularity.


Kakaotalk is somewhat similar to WhatsApp Messenger. It automatically synchronizes the contact list on your phone. It boasts of fast video calls. This app is popular in South Korea. This app is free and can be installed easily.


IMO is an app that allows its users to make free video and voice calls alongside instant messaging. But this is not a popular app for young people.


This is the favorite video calling app globally. It offers efficient instant messaging. It has a professional appeal and can transfer files easily. Emojis are available for you to use. It can be downloaded for free on your PCs and devices.


Teenagers surround this because of its amazing Snapchat facts. It enables live video conversations. Instant messaging is the catch and it can be downloaded for free.


It is just like any messaging app. But it does not use phone numbers. The users have usernames and a group chat can hold up to 50 people.

These apps have been parts of our daily routine. They keep friends, family, acquaintances, and others in touch with each other. This may be for pleasure, business, or any other purposes. As users of this app, let us give credit to its developers and show our appreciation for their efforts. We must use this apps properly as it was developed to help us make communication faster and easier.

BlackBerry App World top free apps (Part II)

This is a continuation of the article written the other day about BlackBerry’s top free apps that you can download in the BlackBerry App World. Some of these are full versions while others are only trial versions. If you want to upgrade to a full version of the app, you need to shell out some dough.

But some of these trial apps are great and can do wonders for your BlackBerry device.

  • Viber: Of course, the free app the lets you send text and photo messages to any of your friends, only those who have Viber accounts of course, for free. Although this app for BlackBerry doesn’t let you call your Viber friends (Android and iPhone users can enjoy this feature), Viber says that they will soon upgrade this and will allow BB users to call Viber friends soon.
  • BlackBerry Protect: This free app enables you to secure all the information if your BB smartphone gets stolen or you accidentally misplaced it. You can lock, locate or wipe out your BB’s data remotely.
  • BeBuzz Free – LED Light Colors: See that red light blinking on top of your BB everytime you get a message, an email, a call or a BBM message? You can actually change that color to what you think would be best for a person. For your boss, a blue on perhaps. For your wife, a pink one may do.

These are some of the free apps that are at the BlackBerry App World. Will be posting another batch of great free apps in the next few days.

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