New Upgraded Features For AT&T’s DirectTV

DirectTV Gets New Upgraded Features

AT&T’s DirectTV gets new upgraded features.  The company says the revamped DirectTV now has Cloud DVR and has more coming this spring.  AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson says that the update will come sometime in spring of 2018.

New Feature Upgrades

As announced previously, the upgraded DirectTV Now will have Cloud-based DVR, interface updates, and more new upgraded features.  The company has added more color on the new features.  It said that the upcoming interface design will help unify its video efforts on TV, phone, and tablet.

Details Of The New Design

Specific details of the new design remain unclear.  It features an interface that is not necessarily user-friendly at first glance.  The redesign coming this spring will ideally make some much needed changes in terms of user experience.

DirectTV is testing the Cloud feature with 100 hours of storage during the beta period with invited customers.  “My Library” interface is where recorded shows are stored.  This feature is accessible across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

More Upgraded Features Of DirectTV

Another new feature upgrade  is the possibility of whether or not it disables ad skipping.  But it seems it has.  This means you will not be able to fast forward through advertisements on your recorded shows.  This has been the most popular reason why people use DVR.

It is also said to include 4K HDR support, though AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has not mentioned such feature.

New Charges For AT&T’s DirectTV Now

How much AT&T will charge for the Cloud DVR.  Hulu include the pricing of DVR in their TV packages, and Sling TV charges an additional $5 to its monthly subscription.

It now has over 1 million subscribers.  This has become very popular among chord cutters.  AT&T hopes its new upgraded features launching this spring will further propel the streaming service.


Can You Trust Tech Bought from a Repair Shop?

There are a lot of creative ways to get an affordable laptop, and buying one from a repair shop is just one of them. But can you trust that method for performance and reliability? Probably so, and here’s why:

1. The Price Is Negotiable

One great reason to buy your next laptop from a repair shop is the pure negotiability of it. The shop owner will be much more willing to negotiate with you than someone in a department store or electronics shop will be. It never hurts to put a figure out there and see if the other person bites. See if you can get a deal on a used laptop. The shop may be willing to negotiate with you just to move the item faster and not necessarily because there’s something wrong with it. You may end up getting something amazing for a fraction of the price.

2. They’re Repair Professionals

Repair shops are trustworthy sources for buying computers and phones because they are staffed with people who fix electronics for a living. If you buy something here, then you can almost guarantee they will have fixed any issues with it. You can also trust them to fix any future issues as well. You don’t have to wonder if anyone can repair your machine if it acts up one day. You’ll have experts who will jump on it and who appreciate your good reviews.

3. You Can Return It

If you buy your laptop from some kind of repair shop, they are most likely going to give you a guarantee or warranty on it, and it will probably be a good one, at that. You have nothing to worry about when you leave with an item that has a warranty on it. All you have to do is enjoy the item and you’ll be just fine.

4. Upgrades Are Available

You’ll know where you can take your laptop for upgrades. Certain repair shops may have a special program where you can trade-up to a better used unit after a certain amount of time. Some repair shops even accept trade-ins in exchange for store credit. There seem to be many perks to getting your item this way and not many negatives at all!

Talk to a repair specialist to see if they have any affordable units for sale. You may just end up with a laptop that you can continue to use for many years.

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