Skyscanner Adds Free Train Booking Feature to App

Travel fare aggregator Skyscanner successfully expands its services by adding train booking service for users in the UK.

Travellers in the UK can now use Skyscanner to book and purchase train tickets.

The Edinburgh-based company says that iOS users can purchase tickets in the app without paying any booking fees. Travelers can also use a railcard to complete the purchase.

Chinese online travel agency Ctrip acquired the company in 2016 for £1.4 billion., the international travel booking service also owned by Ctrip, will power the new train service.

Skyscanner’s chief technology officer Bryan Dove explains their position with Ctrip. “Being part of the Ctrip group allows us to take advantage of elements of Ctrip’s technology and experience and bring that value to Skyscanner’s travellers.”

“The launch of our train booking product is one such example,” he adds. “Our focus has always been on making travel as easy as possible and our new train feature will do just that, with the benefit of no booking fees.”

Currently, the new train booking feature is only available for iOS app users in the UK. An Android version will be launched soon according to the company.

Skyscanner has become one of the top players in the business offering comparison sites for flights, hotels and car hire. It boasts over 50 million users monthly and over 70 app downloads.

iPhone users use Wi-Fi more than Android users

A ComScore study found out that iPhone owners in US and UK consumes more of their data over Wi-Fi and their carrier’s wireless signal than users who have Android’s as their chosen smartphone OS.

The study which was done last February was released today. It showed that 71% of Americans use their iPhones both on cellular signal and Wi-Fi networks. Android users on the other hand had 32% who use both means of connection. Only 68% of iPhone users and 29% of Android users stay connected through the internet via their carrier’s network.

In the other side of the Atlantic, ComScore found out that 87% of iPhone users use both means of connection. Android users on the other hand account to 57%.

According to ComScore’s president of operator and mobile solution Serge Matta, “In the UK, the scarcity of unlimited data plans and higher incidence of smartphone prepaid contracts with pay-as-you-go data model likely contributes to data offloading among users wanting to economize their mobile usage. In addition, the current lack of high-speed data networks in the UK might also lead users to seek out higher bandwidth capacity on Wi-Fi networks.”

In the US, the majority of those who use Wi-Fi and cellular networks are those who are under AT&T followed by Verizon and T-Mobile. UK on the other hand is led by Vodafone followed by Orange and Telefonica.

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New website maps muggings, street violence in UK

UK criminals may have their days numbered.

A non-profit organization in UK has created a website where people can post mugging information in one place. is a website launched yesterday attempts to collect information about mugging cases into a single Google map. Through this venue, people can warn others about crimes that involve mugging cases.

The first who posted on the site witnessed a mugging incident but was too busy to do something about it. He wants to help in his own little way so he decided to upload the information on the website.

According to the creators, the site attempt to campaign against “the ‘walk on by’ culture that fuels street violence, feeds fear, and fractures communities.”

They also added that suspects of street robberies are only accosted 15 percent of the time.

Statistics shows that the country sees about a million attacks each year. Witness Confident says that the fear of being involved in these cases is seven times greater than the actual risk.

Though the site wants to help individuals, critics have expressed their concern over this method. They say that criminals can also view the map and can plan to assault an unsuspecting victim in different areas.

Whatever it is, let us hope that this would eliminate or even reduce the crime rate in UK.

Image source: CNET | Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk

Orange releases iPhone tariffs

French-owned company Orange will start offering the iPhone 3G and 3GS starting November 10 – a day after O2’s two-year exclusive deal ends.

Those expecting to get a much-cheaper deal compared to O2 is in for a disappointment as the pricing is basically similar with the once-exclusive UK retailer of iPhone.

Orange will offer a 24-month contract with 600 voice minutes and 500 texts for £34.26 monthly per month. The iPhone itself will cost cost £87 for a 16GB device or £175 for the 32GB device.  Orange however, will be imposing a 700MB-per-month limit of data usage while O2 doesn’t

“Since we announced the iPhone on Orange we have already seen more than a quarter of a million customers register their interest on our website,” Tom Alexander, head of Orange UK, said.

Vodafone, another UK carrier, also announced their plans of offering the iPhone at the same time as Orange did. Vodafone fans however will have to wait for 2010 before it becomes available.


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