#133 E3 2019 Final Day Wrapup

Wrapping up E3 2019 with some final thoughts, along with some ideas on what to expect next year. Oh, and here’s the link for the Miller Lite “Cantroller”.

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#131 E3 2019 Day 1 Recap

What all happened today at E3? Here with our Day 1 recap along with some interesting Uber Air news and Opera launching a “gaming browser”!

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#17 Valve Changes Everything

This episode was recorded LIVE on Mixer! If you want to be part of the live show and to hang out and play video games with us in the post show, you’re missing out.

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Latest Tech News:

Parents worry about their teens’ smartphone habits. But what about their own?

Take the dinner table, the cliched scene where a parent tries to have a conversation with their cell phone-wielding teen, headphones in and distracted. Seventy-two percent of parents feel their teens are often or sometimes distracted by their phones while trying to have a conversation. But when Pew asked teens the same question about their parents, 51 percent of them said they believe their parents are either often or sometimes distracted by their phones during real-life conversations.

Analyst says Apple’s App Store could take $16B hit as commissions under fire

Some game developers feel that the commission levels charged by both Apple and Google are unfair, and they may take a strong stand. Epic Games already opted out of the Google Play app store when it launched Fortnite on Android, though it does sell the iOS version through Apple’s App Store.

Valve Changes Everything: Windows-Exclusive Games Now Run On Steam For Linux

Windows games with no Linux version currently available can now be installed and run directly from the Linux Steam client, complete with native Steamworks and OpenVR support.

Yup, we know exactly when Apple’s 2018 iPhones will be released

Despite the fact that Apple’s iPhone lineup will be completely different in 2018 than it has been in previous years, the events that have taken place in the lead up to their unveiling is exactly the same. First, a few rumors start to trickle out, then the world’s top Apple insider weighs in and tells us exactly what to expect, then as months go by the picture he painted gets more and more clear as subsequent leaks back up all of his claims.

Zynga to Develop ‘Star Wars’ Mobile Game

The developer has struck a multiyear deal with Disney to develop a mobile game based in the Star Wars universe. New Star Wars titles will be managed by the San Francisco company’s NaturalMotion studio, which is based out of the U.K.

No New Assassin’s Creed Coming In 2019

Reflecting on the decision to stop Assassin’s Creed’s yearly launch schedule and give Ubisoft’s developers the time to reinvent the series for Assassin’s Creed Origins, Guillemot said it was ultimately worth it.

“[The time] gave the team the possibility to really bring what they wanted to. The community has been responding very well to it and when I see what we are bringing with Odyssey I know that the community that got back in with Origins will be amazed.”

Overwatch’s D.Va Gets Her Own Animated Short, Watch It Here

Blizzard has released a new animated short for Overwatch called “Shooting Star” and this time the focus is much-loved Meka pilot D.Va. With Gamescom 2018 going on in Germany, the short was shown at Korea Fanfest, where Blizzard also debuted a brand-new Overwatch map. The video starts with a news report about D.Va, who has become a national hero by defending her nation from the Omnics.

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Rainbow Six Siege Newest DLC Operation Chimera Revealed

Game developer Ubisoft has announced this week that Rainbow Six will be getting its first DLC this year. Avid fans of the game will get to join in the Operation Chimera. The event will run for four weeks and slated to kick-off on March 6th .


Rainbow Six Siege New DLC


Ubisoft said that Operation Chimera will be available on Xbox, PS4 and PC. And avid fans of the game were able to take a peek of what they could expect from Operation Chimera. Just like any other first-person shooters game, Ubisoft opted to employ a zombie-like concept for the game’s avid fans.


The game developer said that the game’s DLC will be using the right operator, teamwork, and effective gaming strategy. In case you don’t know, Ubisoft has introduced two new operators in each player’s line up.

These operators are Lion and Finka. They are both members of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Threat Unit. Ubisoft revealed these two new operators recently.


Accordingly, Finka would be able to revive injured teammates. Like Doc, she is equipped with a STEM pen. Finka is also provided with a 20HP boost to the rest of the team. Aside from Finka, players should welcome a new face in the game named Lion.


And when using Lion in the game as an Operator, you can actually pilot a drone with X-Ray vision. The drone has the capability to identify and pinpoint the location of enemies as well as physical position.

Ubisoft Treats Gamers With Free Downloads Of World in Conflict, Assassin’s Creed IV

Starting December 12 until December 18, avid fans of game developer Ubisoft have something to celebrate. The popular game developer is planning to give two games for its loyal gamers.

Gamers will receive two action-games: the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and the World in Conflict, respectively. Ubisoft said the action-packed Assasin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will be released commencing December 12 through 18.

Watch Ubisoft’s official video for the Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and the World in Conflict.

Meanwhile, the World in Conflict will be rolling out today until December 1. Gamers welcome Ubisoft’s move  as it honour two different 10-year anniversaries this year.

Only those  Ubisoft proprietary Uplay client can download both games. Both game titles also are only available on PC.

In Ubisoft’s official blog site, players can download the World in Conflict game including its expansion, the Soviet Assault for free.

“Just in time for the holiday season, Ubisoft is celebrating two big anniversaries by giving players the chance to download Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and World in Conflict on Uplay PC for free,” Ubisoft said.

Players should log into Uplay in order to download both the game titles. Gamers can play the games for free during the prescribed period. They can actually keep the games in their library during the period of time.

Moreover,  the company is planning to give some marketing products to its avid Uplay subscribers. Game analysts claim that such plan will surely entice more players.  Not only that, players will get to enjoy playing free games in the coming days.

“Set yourself up for a holiday filled with fun and free games by downloading World in Conflict and Assassin’s Creed IV for free this December, and keep up with the latest from Ubisoft,” the game developer added.


What do you think of Ubisoft’s smart move to treat their avid gamers this yuletide holidays?

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