Teen invites porn star to prom via Twitter

The Web sometimes is the perfect place to make your dreams come true.

This is true to one Mike Stone. The 18 year old kid from Tartan high School in Minnesota wanted to date an actress from the adult industry that he was determined to Tweet over 600 individuals just so that he could have his dream turn into reality.

The difficult thing was that of the 600 individuals he Tweeted, more or less 10% of it are the only once that are really authentic and not run by posers.

Incredibly, a 19 year old actress agreed. Megan Piper agreed to go with Mike to his prom if he (or his parents) would shoulder the transportation costs. That seems to be easy. So you think that it is happily ever after?

Well, the school is not allowing Mike to date Megan due to prohibitions under Tartan’s standard prom procedures and that this would be inconsistent with school district policies.

Well, people took responsibilities in their own hands. The tagline #Porn4Prom went viral. PayPal donations are also accepted to accommodate a separate venue for the prom to be held in conjunction with the schools prom.

Seems like their exclusive prom is on the way because adult film site pornhub is going to sponsor the event. Give Mike a big rebel yell!

Image source: ZDNet.com

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