Tumblr set to have maintenance this Saturday

Tumblr will be down this Saturday

Tumblr fans may want to upload their photos and all updates in their accounts before October 6, as the microblogging and social media site is set to be down for the day due to a scheduled maintenance.

During the maintenance, the site will be inaccessible and will be sporadically accessible over the next few hours after Tumblr engineers work on their website.

Here’s what Blake Matheny, VP of Engineering for Tumblr said:

“I have some bittersweet news.

Our engineering team has been hard at work this year, scaling Tumblr to serve billions of impressions to an audience of 150 million people all over the world.

Performance and reliability have improved hugely, but we have more to do.

We are now ready to complete the last major step in upgrading our infrastructure. Unfortunately, it has one very uncomfortable side-effect: all traffic to blogs and the Dashboard will be suspended during the operation – returning a simple ‘we’ll be right back’ message.

We are preparing for nay issues that may arise and want you to expect your blogs to be unavailable starting at 4:00am EST this Saturday (Oct 6th), and to come back online slowly over the next few hours.

I promise, the maintenance behind this interruption will go an extremely long way towards ensuring the highest level of service for many years to come.

Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience.”

With that he signed off. So better enjoy your Tumblr accounts for the next few days!

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Twitter cuts off access to Tumblr members

Twitter is once again trying to change the way people use social media, as the micro-blogging site has decided to yet again distance themselves from other social networking rivals.

Tumblr members used to import their friends and contacts from their Twitter account and thus making Tumblr increase in membership quickly.

But last Wednesday, Twitter has decided to pull out Tumblr access and support to its service.

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According to Tumblr, “While we’re delighted by the response to our integrations with Facebook and Gmail, we are truly disappointed by Twitter’s decision.”

Last June, Twitter cut off access and posting tweets directly from their site to LinkedIn. The micro-blogging tycoon also disabled access to Instagram users.

Twitter has voiced out their desire to be a Twitter-centered site. They have noted that the company wants to create a more “core Twitter consumption experience” for its members.

Buzzfeed has reported that Twitter will be cutting access to Tumblr days prior the site did. They have also reported that Twitter is set to cut access to Flipboard after Tumblr. So expect a few more shake ups in the coming days.

Will Twitter cut access to Facebook users? And if they do, where will you linger more? Will it be on Twitter or on Facebook?

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Facebook Abandoned by Teens for Twitter?

Facebook is currently the most popular social network out there, but are we sure it will still be popular in the future?
We might be addicted to Facebook, but who knows whether we might feel overdosed with it and turn to other sites, like Twitter, or Tumblr for example?

According to The Los Angeles Times, American teens are starting to get tired of Facebook, since they know they are surveilled by their parents, feeling they are not able to express themselves the way they want. On the contrary, they can log in to Twitter or Tumblr without using their name and thus, feel more independent (which we are unsure whether it is necessarily for good). A latest survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates that 31% of Internet users aged between 18 and 24 years old use Twitter, which can be justified by the fact that they enjoy creating hashtags and trending topics.

However, these surveys do not sound threatening Facebook yet, since young users possibly use Facebook too, but not to the same extent as they used to. It’s more of an observation about what teens think of the use of social networkds. How could Facebook be afraid when so many underaged teens sign in, just to be part of this big community? It might be “scary” for them, but definitely not for Facebook’s future.

What about you? Would you replace Facebook for any other site? And for what reason? Freedom of anonymity? Privacy concern? Use of an alternative network that is not so popular? Let’s discuss it!

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Instagram bans self-harm posts

Facebook owned Instagram is set to ban photographs and accounts that show “self-harm” behavior.

“Self-harm” behavior is defined as eating disorders, cutting oneself, committing suicide or anything that falls under those same categories.

According to the company, “Going forward, we won’t allow accounts, images or hashtags dedicated to glorifying promoting, or encouraging self-harm. Should users come across content of that nature, we recommend flagging the photo or flagging the users as a “Terms of Service” violation for our Support team to review.”

“It is important to note that this guideline does not extend to accounts created to constructively discuss, or document personal experiences that show any form of self-harm where the intention is recovery or open discussion. While we strongly encourage people to seek help for themselves or loved ones who are suffering, we understand the importance of communication as a form of support, in order to create awareness and to assist in recovery.”

Other photo sharing sites such as Tumblr have already banned self-harm blogs. Pinterest has also prevented their users from posting such photographs.

Tumblr said, We are deeply committed to supporting and defending our user’s freedom of speech, but we do draw some limits.”

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