Indonesian minister blocks porn access during Ramadan

It comes with no surprise that the largest Islamic country in the world is about to ban access to porn sites during the period of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a holy month for our Muslim brethren.

Indonesia’s communications and information ministry barred access to about a million pornographic sites. The number is said to still rise after Ramadan starts.

Indonesia’s communications and information minister Tifatul Sembiring said that this might even extend to banning these sites not only during the Ramadan period, but for all time.

Semibiring said, “Online pornography is an industry and the producers always seem to find new ways of escaping detection. We cannot check one by one, so we hope people will actively report to the Communications and Information minister if they find a link to a negative website.”

Negative website is defined by Sembiring as Website that contains porn, defamatory speech and malicious viruses within the country.

Indonesia is starting to tighten its grip in the content of the Web that Indonesians can access. Last February, the minister had blocked another one million sites to get rid of adult content. Research In Motion even teamed up with local Indonesian carrier to block porn site from BlackBerry services.

Indonesia is joined by Singapore that implements strict regulations with regards to porn in the Web.


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