Surface tablet to be priced like Apple’s iPad

price of Microsoft Surface tablet similar to iPadTech developers who are wary of a $200 Surface tablet gave a sigh of relief after Steve Ballmer hinted that their Surface tab would most likely be priced at the price range of Apple’s iPad.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that their Surface tablet will be priced comparable to that of the iPad rather than the Kindle Fire.

In the interview, Ballmer said, “I think most people would tell you that the iPad is not a superexpensive device… (When) people offer cheaper, they do less. They look less good, they’re chintzier, they’re cheaper.”

“If you say to somebody, would you use one of the 7-inch tablets, would somebody ever use a Kindle to do their homework? The answer is no; you never would. It’s just not a good enough product. It doesn’t mean you might not read a book on it,” he added.

The rumored iPad release next month can possibly affect the price of the Surface tablet.

Currently, the iPad is priced between $400 to $800 depending on the generation and storage size.

Ballmer is very optimistic as to what the Surface tablet can do. According to him, “I’m not paid to have doubts. I don’t have any. It’s a fantastic product.”

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Microsoft set to pit Surface against the iPad

Last week, TechNewsGadget gave you hints that Microsoft was going head on with Apple’s iPad with their own version of their tablet.

Today, Microsoft has finally put those rumors to rest as the company officially unveiled their much anticipated device in Los Angeles. This Microsoft tablet is going to compete with the iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy line tablets.

Called Surface, it features a 10.6 inch screen and weighs less than 1.5 pounds. What sets Surface apart from other tablets is that it has a full multi touch keyboard that is part of its foldout cover.

According to president of the Windows division of Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky, the Surface is a “tablet that’s a great PC – a PC that’s a great tablet.”

Microsoft is set to launch their much anticipated Windows 8 this year. The latter is an OS that was designed for touch screen devices but it can be used in multiple platforms including smartphones and desktop computers and laptops.

Tablet sales have been on a high lately. It is expected to triple in 2013 and analysts suggest that figures could reach to 200 million in that year.

Apple’s iPad is considered as the world’s best-selling tablet. Microsoft hopes that the Surface could alter the market and become the iPad of the future.

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Windows 8 release just around the corner

Microsoft is at its final leg of trials before they finally release their much anticipated Windows 8 operating system.

This came about after the company released their final test version of the product overnight.

This new Windows 8 OS is considered by many as the biggest change in the company’s operating system. The Windows 8 displays applications in a mosaic of tiles and is designed to run on laptops, desktop computer, tablets and smartphones.

Sales of desktop computers have declined in the US as individuals opt to buy mobile devices.

The recently released version of the Windows 8 has 14 languages and has seen improvements from the version released about 3 months ago. The update includes additional ways to connect to other Microsoft services, better security controls and touch screen features.

The company has not revealed the release date of the Windows 8, though some analysts believe that this will most probably come on September or October.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, shows signs of optimism with their new baby. He said in a speech, “It’s really, in some senses, a dawning of the rebirth of MS Windows… It’s certainly the most important piece of work we’ve done.”

He also describes this new OS as “deepest, broadest and most impactful” Windows software created.

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Steve Ballmer sets high quota for Windows 8

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, may be biting off more than what he can chew, when he announced during a speech that it is expected by the end of 2013 to have about 500 million individuals using a Windows 8-powered device.

AFP reported that the CEO believes that its Windows 8 software will bring Microsoft back to the pedestal and is a sign of rebirth for Microsoft’s operating system.

AFP added that according to Ballmer, the upcoming Windows 8 is the “deepest, broadest and most impactful” software that Microsoft has created.

Fans of Windows are looking forward to the cloud capability of the Windows 8, which gives users the ability to access different devices remotely.

Ballmer said that 500 million isn’t an outrageous figure as the Windows 7 is on track of hitting 350 million units to be sold by the end the year.

The company is trying to enter and shake the market that is being dominated by Google’s Android software and Apple’s iOS.

Ballmer added that they are excited to release the latest version of Skype that is powered by their Windows 8. Microsoft acquired Skype last year for $8.5 billion.

Do you think that Microsoft and its Windows 8 platform can hit the 500 million unit sales projection?

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show draws big crowd

A bevy of individuals flocked the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas which opened last Tuesday. According to the show’s organizer, they nearly had 150,000 attendants that booked for hotel rooms in this city this year.

The convention had a record 3,100 companies present in the event. Their stalls ranges from small ones to mega boots from big companies who paid millions just to show their latest technologies.

In LG Corporation’s booth, representatives handed out 3D glasses and a movie was played in their gigantic screen that showed meteor showers shooting towards the viewers. There was an exchange of oohh and aahh from the gathered crowd.

In a sadder note, this is Microsoft Corporation’s final CES. They have already delivered their final keynote address. The company even hired the famous Ryan Seacrest to be their emcee.

The host exchanged a few laughs with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer such as when the latter tried to explain the new Windows 8, called the Metro.

The exchange went, Steve: “The Metro user interface– you’ve seen it being pioneered in recent years, but now it’s all coming together”. Ryan: “why did you look at me funny when you said Metro?”

Microsoft eliminates 800 more jobs

Completing the layoff Microsoft announced earlier this year, the company said that it is notifying around 800 workers set to be laid off.

“I can confirm we’re eliminating 800 jobs today,” said said Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos. “That’s part of the larger program we announced in January.”

He also said the positions being eliminated from Wednesday will affect staff internationally and in a range of business units.

In the beginning of this year, the software giant announced that it will be eliminating 5,000 jobs before the end of the next fiscal year. The latest cuts however, brings the total to approximately 5,800 jobs, Gellos said.

And its not over still. Even as Microsoft does some hiring in key areas, Gellos said there could also be additional cuts as the company regularly reviews its business and makes necessary adjustments.


Sales of Windows 7 Party Packs halted on Ebay

Several readers report that some auctions of the house party kits have been cancelled in eBay. The kits, along with other stuff, contain a Steve Ballmer “signature edition” of Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you’re not sure what this “signature edition” is, it’s just the same as other Windows 7 Ultimate, but its packaging looks waaay cooler than the others and it proudly shows Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer’s signature.

So, going back to the news, reports aren’t sure yet as to whether the cancelling of the auctions is done at Microsoft’s request.

“While we cannot confirm why eBay has removed these specific auctions, Microsoft routinely works with online auction sites such as eBay to remove infringing auction. The Signature Edition of Ultimate that was included in the Party Packs is clearly marked on the outer wrap Not For Resale,” Microsoft said in a statement.

So am I right to read between the lines and conclude that what the statement is saying is in fact “Yes, we told eBay to cancel the auctions”? Or it’s just my imagination running a bit off again? 😉


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