Cheap Home Theater Smart Speaker From Sonos

Sonos And Its Cheap Home Theater Smart Speaker

Sonos announced its compact home theater smart speaker.  The announcement was made in San Francisco.  The new device is called the Sonos Beam.  This new smart speaker from Sonos is said to be cheaper than any similar devices of its kind.

The Sonos Beam

This device boasts of a much smaller footprint than its previous home theater products.  The Beam is said to be 60 percent smaller and 28 percent shorter than the Playbase and is said to be now available for pre-order.

This product will support Amazon Alexa controls at launch alongside Airplay 2 connectivity, which will be arriving in July.  The company says that the product will be set up to gain support from other voice assistants in the future.

The Product Launch

The launch of the product is very important for the company.  The company is still seeking to expand its footprint in home audio products.  According to reports, the company has filed confidentially for an IPO in April, that could take place as early as this summer.

Sonos find itself competing heavily with tech giants like Santa Barbara, Google, and Apple, in terms of home audio systems.  The company should be able to compete and survive competition in the home audio market which has become more about embedded AI tech of virtual assistants.

Other Funcitons Of The Sonos Beam

The Beam is not only a home theater speaker.  Being a smart speaker, it has other functions.  Tasks like turning on the television set and changing its volume may be done by the Beam.  With Fire TV support, you will be able to query Alexa to direct you to specific TV shows and movies.

Price And Availability Of The Sonos Beam

The devices is said to be cheap at $399.  It is a little higher than the $349 HomePod of Apple.  The Sonos Beam is now available for pre-order.

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Apple Planning To Launch A $199 Beats-Branded HomePod

Apple’s new smart speaker may cost as little as $199 when it goes on sale.

The Cupertino-based company is reportedly planning to launch a more affordable version of its HomePod smart speaker under the Beats Brand.

Rumours about a cheaper version of the HomePod has already surfaced in April, just two months after its official launch. This is apparently because of a slow market uptake of the HomePod, having to compete with other brands like Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, this is the first time that we are hearing about the device being under the Beats brand.

According to Apple’s Taiwan supply chain source, the company is said to be planning a $199 HomePod. This is through a report in Loveios. Apple is apparently in talks with MediaTek for the production of the cheaper smart speaker.

The original HomePod is currently priced at $349. To compare, both the Google Home and Amazon Echo start at $49. So it is not surprising that Apple would want to decrease its smart speaker pricing to compete with the other big names.

Apple already owns the Beats brand and its audio technology so it is also not a surprising move. Marketing the speakers under Beats would allow Apple to have room for design, especially colours and textures.

It is important to note that these are still rumours and should be taken with a grain of salt. Apple coulda also be releasing a Beats-branded AirPlay 2 instead of a cheaper HomePod. We will just have to wait and see!

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Google Home : Some Funny Commands That You Could Try

Try Google Home’s Funny Commands

Funny commands may be given to your Google Home. Let us talk about some of them

About the Device

Google Home is a device used at home if you want to know the latest news, or updates on weather, and more. But if you want to show it off to your guests, I do not think they would want to hear about those stuffs. You can give funny commands to it in order for you to entertain your guests.

Fun Things You Can Ask Your Google Home

You can ask your device to entertain you. Commands like “Okay Google, I’m bored”, “Okay Google, let’s party”, or “Okay Google, tell me a joke” will get funny answers from your Google voice assistant. Repeating the commands will get a variety of answers.

You can also let it tell you stories. Just say “Okay Google, tell me a story”. And story-telling it is. Current events and facts may also be asked on your device.

Other Commands

Other commands which can entertain you and your guests, if you have some, are available. Your Google Home can sing, rap, beatbox, or even impress you with general knowledge and words of wisdom. The only thing that your device cannot do is dance.

It can do all that you command it to do. That is, only if you give commands which are found on your Google Home’s program. Naturally it will not do commands which it cannot follow.

Basically, the device can provide your “party” and get-togethers with total entertainment, except dancing, of course. But you can command it to play music of your choice and you can do the dancing.

Your Google Home can be a stand-up comedian. As it can tell jokes when given the command. All these entertainment package can be found on it. And what is good about this is it’s free. No charges, no talent fees.

So make the most out of your Google Home. Do not stick to conventional commands. Try giving it commands to perk up your life and have more fun.

Google Assistant: The Newest Smartphone Companion for Android

Let’s welcome the newest member of the family of smartphone assistants: The Google Assistant.

Android users may now have the convenience of having their own assistant in their smartphones. Google is proud to introduce an additional feature which is the Google Assistant.

Apple has Siri and Amazon has Alexa. Now, android phones have this. It recognizes voice commands so it’s going to be a big help if you’re multi-tasking.

The feature is now available on a number of smartphones. Restricted to only Marshmallow and Nougat users, the app can only be used by a small percent of Android users since most of them are supporting Android Lollipop.

Google Android  has the ability to set reminders, create a shopping list, give alerts on maps, ask about the weather, and numerous other things. The Google Assistant can also search for pictures in the Google Photos apps and can understand language as well.

This is a great addition to a phone’s feature because it makes mobile activities easier and more convenient.


Bixby: A Smart Speaker to be Launched by Samsung in 2018

What is Bixby?

Have your own personal virtual assistant in your phone — Bixby. This is an application for your Samsung phone just like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. The app assist you with your day-to-day activities using your smartphone.

It can recognized voice commands so you can just do things by talking. So fetched, right?

Releasing the App in 2018

A new year is almost within our reach. New phones will be released and so as new features. One of them is Bixby.

In August 2017, Samsung confirmed that they were working on a smart speaker but gave no further details about it.

Many of you might be wondering how to use this new app. First, you need to have a Samsung Account. If you have one, simply log in. If not, you need to sign up using your active email address. WiFi or mobile data is needed to use this service.

Bixby recognizes selected languages and the others can be supported. So you don’t have to worry about the app not understanding your voice commands. The default languages are English and Korean.

You can make payments using the app, manage your alarm and a bunch of other stuffs. You can also get directions to the nearest shops, or avoid the traffic thanks to the map.

Post updates, text your friends, take a picture just by saying a voice command.

In conclusion, the Bixby app makes our smartphone activities easier and more comfortable. Even I can’t wait to try this out.