Samsung To Unveil Note 9 with Updated Camera on August 9

South Korean giant Samsung is reportedly ready to announce the Galaxy Note 9 in an New York Event in August.

Ahhh the internet. Full of wonderful information and a treasure trove of rumours. And with the Note 9 being one of the most anticipated phones this year, there are plenty of rumours to go around.

Recent reports point to the unveiling of the latest Note flagship earlier than anticipated. According to a report by Bloomberg, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set to be unveiled on August 9 in the Unpacked event. It will be held in New York, about two weeks earlier compared to last year.

So what can we expect from the Note’s latest iteration?

Screen protectors leaked online show that the Note 9 will have a bigger screen. The Note 8 has a 6.32 inch screen, its predecessor is likely to have an even bigger one at 6.38 inch. This will be largely due to reduced bezels at the top and the bottom of the phone.

People familiar of the matter also claim that the phone’s appearance is going to be similar to the Note 8. However, it will come with a better processor, we are guessing the Snapdragon 845.

What people are more excited about is the upgraded camera. Multiple reports claim that the Note 9 will of course be sporting a better camera. This year’s S9 came with new features such as adjustable aperture, a super slo-mo video feature and multi-frame noise reduction.

It is very likely that the Galaxy Note 9 will also come with these, plus more. Are you excited?


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Samsung Introduces A Burgundy Red Samsung Galaxy S8 to India

Samsung adds India to the (very) short list of countries that has the Burgundy Red version of its year-old flagship phone.

Just as Apple unveiled its PRODUCT (RED) Special Edition versions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus this week, Samsung also does something similar. The South Korean tech giant quietly rolled out a Burgundy Red edition of the Samsung S8 to the Indian market.

The S8 was Samsung’s flagship phone last year. The additional colour is part of a series of efforts to bring back interest to the phone after the launch of the S9. Earlier this month, the company lowered the prices for both the S8 and the S8 Plus.

Aditya Babbar, Samsung India’s General Manager, hopes the new colour will appeal to  more people.

“Galaxy S8 continues to be a bestseller, even a year after its launch. The limited edition of Galaxy S8 will set our consumers apart from everyone else. The Burgundy Red edition of Galaxy S8 will wow consumers and allow them to express their own personal style”, she said in a blog post.

All the features are similar to last year’s Samsung S8. The Burgundy Red edition of the phone was only previously available in the South Korean market.

The Galaxy S8 in burgundy red-coloured variant is priced at Rs 49,990 or about $766. It will be available for orders this Friday, April 13. Retail stores also offer a cashback of Rs 10,000 for more savings.


Risky Galaxy S9 Launch: Samsung is Running Out of Time

Launching of S9 Becomes Risky

Samsung had the chance to control the launching of their newest addition, the Samsung Galaxy S9. But words are spreading about the risky way of launching it because the company is running out of time.


All it needed to do was a short ‘tease’ of its upcoming flagship and control of the narrative would pass to the South Korean company. It could pass official comment, it could work with the media, and it could shape the public’s opinion of the device.

Gamble on a longer official run up to the availability, or play safe and follow the plan used in previous years? There’s good arguments for both options and right now Samsung looks to be playing it safe.

Full specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy S9 is already out.

Samsung S9: Can Users Expect a Better Phone Next Year?

It’s been a routine that Samsung releases new phone models every year. In 2017, they released their Galaxy S8 and S8+ which are great phones by the way. Next year, despite being called “rumors”, the company (for sure) is  going to release their Samsung S9.

Many users might be wondering — with great phones already released, what else can Samsung offer?

Samsung S9

According to the latest leaks, the phone is said to be released on February or March 2018. That’s just a few months from now.

The price might be $720 or more. Yes, it’s going to be an expensive one.

For the screen, there are whispers that the newest Samsung addition is going to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner. It might also have a water-repellent coating. But again, these are just rumors and are not yet confirmed by the company.

It also has the possibility of having the same screen size like the Galaxy S8 which is 5.8 inches.

As for the battery size, it is leaked to have a bigger and more efficient battery than its predecessor.

We can expect that the camera is going to be superb. Why? Because Samsung’s past phone models have great camera.

For gamer peeps who are vouching for a 6GB RAM, we think this is not possible. The company might just stick to its 4GB RAM even for their high-end phones. But let’s just hope that they’ll consider the additional RAM.

It is also rumored that this will be Samsung’s foldable phone but we still have to wait a few months for us to find out.


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