Amazon is Secretly Building Home Robots

The retail giant is reportedly working on home robots and plan to release it as early as 2019.

(Credit: Mayfield Robotics) Kuri, the adorable home robot from Mayfield Robotics may have some competition soon.

Amazon introduced Kindle and the Echo, both of which started huge trends in technology. Now, they want to lead the pack again by introducing home robots.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the retail giant is secretly building a domestic robot that can navigate from room to room independently. The project is codenamed Vesta, after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home and family.

The project is run by Gregg Zehr, head of Amazon’s Lab126 hardware research and development division. It is the same department responsible for giving us the Echo, the Fire Tablets, Fire Phone and of course, the Kindle.

There are no other details about the purpose of the robot or what it will look like. Don’t expect it be like a robot butler that will do household chores. Bloomberg suggests that it would probably be more like a “mobile Alexa, accompanying customers in parts of their home where they don’t have Echo devices.”

What we can expect however is that it may be available as early as next year.

Bloomberg’s sources claim that Amazon plans to start testing the devices in employees’ homes by the end of 2018. And in 2019, consumers might already be able to get their hands on the robot prototypes.

We’ll definitely keep a lookout for this!

Robot Rules: Will They Dominate Over Humans In The Future?

Is Robot Domination Possible In The Future?

Is robot domination possible? The most obvious answer by most people will be a very big “NEVER!”. But is it really possible? Maybe and maybe not.

Invade And “Take Over”

In a way, I guess we can say that robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will “take over” the world. Let us be realistic. With technology, a lot of things around us are related to robots and artificial intelligence. They control almost everything in any aspect of society.

Take our own homes, for example. The basic component of a community is the family. Our homes are full of modern technology. From our televisions, to washing machines and other appliances, to our gadgets and devices. Of late, even in thee commercial aspect, robots can be found. We now have the carpenter robot. And even a burger-flipping robot.

Technology is the product of human imagination, intelligence and drive to improve lives. Maybe the saying “nothing is impossible” is the driving force of these people.

Advantages Of Robotics

Just like everything else, robotics can also have advantages and disadvantages. Advantageous in a way that they can replace workers on very heavy work. And they can finish the work faster. There are also functions or tasks that humans may find hard to accomplish. In the medical field, for example. In some medical procedures, surgeons and other medical practitioners use robots and advance technology to help them complete the procedures. This can save millions of lives.

If we take it in a positive perspective, robots can be a great help to us humans. It only depends on how we use and control them.

Its Disadvantages

Of course if there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. For one, they are prone to malfunction. Since they are mechanical, malfunction is possible. Another disadvantage is that humans may develop laziness. There is a possibility that if there are robots around to help humans with their work, they may just rely on the robots. But still it depends on how we handle the situation.

The most obvious disadvantage is it is expensive. Ordinary people may not be able to afford it. So despite of their desire to have robots help them, its cost may be a hindrance for the fulfillment of their dreams.

In Conclusion

Robots are developed by humans. So it is up to us, humans if we let them control us or let these robots know who the boss is.

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