Screen-Flickering Surface Pro 4 Tablets To Be Replaced By Microsoft

Microsoft Will Replace Defective Surface Pro 4 Tablets

Microsoft  agreed to replace Surface Pro 4’s with screen flickering that can not be patched.  The company will just replace tablets of this  model that are experiencing screen flickering that makes the gadgets unusable.


Surface Pro 4 Users’ Reactions

Microsoft has monitored that the annoying flickering issue has plagued numerous users.  Some of them have resorted to very drastic and ill-advised solutions, like throwing their devices in the freezer.

The company discourages their Surface Pro 4 users from doing this. Microsoft advises their users to have their devices replaced by the company.

Microsoft’s Analysis And Solution To The Issue

The only thing they can do to address this issue is to request the affected users to request for a replacement within three years of the original date of purchase.  They will only be receiving a refurbished unit, though, rather than a brand new one.

Anyone who paid Microsoft out of warranty repair fees to fix their flickering Surface Pro 4 can request for a refund.  That could be a fairly hue amount as replacement screens generally ram at $450.

It can be noted though that the company took a long time to take action upon this issue.  They acknowledged the problem in February 2018.  This is a long time for premium devices to go without a solution to a serious issue.

Other Issues Of The Surface Pro 4

It seems that the flickering screen problem is not the only issue that the Surface Pro 4 has.  Some owners claim they experienced sleep mode issues to batteries that will not hold a full charge due to firmware issues.

Thousands of users have allegedly experienced the issue.  That is why they created a website called “Flickergate” to pressure the company into action.

Moat of the company’s devices are working perfectly.  Only a few do not work as designed.  But rest assured, Microsoft is doing everything to give its users the best.



Replace Your Gaming PC With Shadow Cloud Gaming?

Shadow Cloud Gaming To Replace Gaming PC

Shadow Cloud gaming will replace Gaming PC. Can it be done? Shadow is a streaming service that gives you access to a full-on, high-end Windows 10 PC in the cloud. This means you can stream PC games from a remote server to an old computer.

This may sound a little like the now defunct OnLive service. OnLive had issues like latency, heavy compression, and poor game selection. Shadow has mitigated most of these problems. Shadow was developed by The Blade Group.

It streams a full-on desktop PC and not just a curated library of games. You can use it to launch all your Stream games. It can also be used for productivity tasks like video editing. It can also be streamed to different devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

Shadow in its gaming farms is equivalent to a $2000 gaming PC. Its subscription service starts at $35 per month.


Shadow’s PC is equipped with Nvidia’s Quadro P5000 professional graphic cards. Its GPU is roughly as fast as Nvidia’s consumer-based GTX 1080. Its system has 12 GB of RAM. But the lone 256 GB of hard drive does not provide much storage.

The company’s data centers are located in Paris, UK, and Santa Clara, CA at the moment. Shadow is only currently available in California only. But the company is planning to roll out more data centers around the country.


Streaming gameplay has to be done in real-time with minimal latency. You do not have the same buffering safety net as Netflix. Shadow needs an internet connection with at least 15 megabits down. This is three times faster than Netflix’s HD tier, which requires five megabits per second connection. But it is less than Netflix’s 4K streaming standard which requires 25 megabits per second down.


Shadow starts at $35 per month if you commit to a one year subscription. A three month contract costs $40 per month. Users can also subscribe month by month for $50. The company will soon allow users to buy a physical “Shadow Box” for $140. It can also be rented at $10 per month that you can stream to.

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