Anonymous to target Formula 1 and supporters

Anonymous is threatening to hack websites that are linked or are supporting the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Canada set a few weeks from now.

Anonymous said that they are doing this because the Formula 1 organizers are going to go ahead with a Grand Prix or race in an area that “Amnesty International and other global human rights groups have declared human right violators.”

Quebec’s Special Law 78 offers harsh regulations regarding demonstrations in the province. Individual who are caught striking or demonstrating can be fined heavily.

The group is warning anyone who is going to take part in the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Canada that they are vulnerable to Anonymous’ attack.

A spokesperson from Anonymous said, “As we did in Bahrain – Anonymous intends to wreck Mr Eccelstone’s little party. Beginning on June 7 and running through race day on June 10, Anonymous will take down all the Formula 1 websites, dump the servers and databases – and wreck anything else F1 related we can on the Internet.”

“We would like to remind anyone considering attending this abominable race, that last time Anonymous found all the spectators personal data, including credit card numbers – un-encrypted on F1 servers,” the group added.

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Woman fights back after losing insurance because of Facebook

If you’re on depression leave, make sure you don’t post happy pictures on Facebook.

That’s the lesson a woman learned after her insurance provider withdrew her disability benefits after seeing “evidence” that she was no longer depressed.

Nathalie Blanchard was diagnosed with major depression and took a long-term sick leave from her job at IBM in Bromont, Quebec.  She was receiving monthly benefits from her insurance company, Manulife.

According to 29-year old Canadian, when she called up the company to ask why the payments dried up, her insurance agent told her she was no longer depressed and cited pictures she posted on Facebook, including ones showing her enjoying a male strip-tease show at a Chippendales bar while celebrating her birthday.

Today, she said she would fight her insurance company’s decision. “This is a major battle and it’s not going to be easy,” she said in a telephone interview from her home.

Blanchard’s lawyer, Tom Lavin, said his client had the right to enjoy a vacation therefore was wrongfully dismissed from her benefits.

“The issue for me is that they stopped her disability benefits without the proper medical recommendations. Her doctor recommended she go on vacation,” he said.

When  contacted, Manulife declined to comment on the incident. They did, however, release a statement saying “we would not deny or terminate a valid claim solely based on information published on websites such as Facebook.”

Nathalie Blanchard’s hearing will take place on December 8 before the Quebec Superior Court.