Report: Spyro The Dragon PS4 Remaster Coming This Year

A remastered version of the popular game Spyro trilogy will soon be out. This comes after the publisher of the game, Activision is working on to improve the game’s performance.

Activision’s working on remastering the original version of the Spyro trilogy is similar to what the company did with Crash Bandicoot. Last year, Activision also remastered the original Crash Bandicoot.


Activision is working on Spyro The Dragon PS4 Remaster


If you are familiar with Crash Bandicoot, the game was named as the best-selling remaster on PS4. Hence, it is no longer a secret that Sane Trilogy has performed well for Activision.


Also, in a several occasions, Activision has been lauded for its performance. The company claims that the sales had actually “surpassed our expectations by a wide margin”.


Now, remastering the Spyro trilogy would no doubt would give Activision another feat as reported by Kotaku. The game’s remastered trilogy is expected to feature a complete set of animations and a better save system.



Included also in the remastered version of the game is the Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, respectively.


And reports claim that the remastered version of the game is being developed by
Vicarious Visions. The gaming studio that developed N. Sane Trilogy is Vicarious Visions. The game is expected to be launched soon with PS4 Pro support.

PS4 5.50 Update Adds PS4 Pro Functionality

Sony has already rolled out 5.50 update to select PS4 users. The company has announced the details of what gamers should expect. This also means that the new PS4 update would allow gamers to register and to avail the beta test of the system.


Sony PS4 5.50 updates adds PS4 Pro functionality



According to Sony, the update would eventually affect some crucial areas of the PS4 system. The PS4’s system library has also been divided into two different areas. The first area of the library allows you to see all the objects that were purchased on your account. The second area only displays the objects currently installed on the PS4 gaming console.



Gamers can also check a section where they could see the games they owned via PlayStation Plus. And if your subscription has already lapsed, all the games stored on the PS4 system would be displayed with a lock icon placed on top of the PlayStation Plus logo.


Through this, gamers would also know if they could re-subscribe to regain access to the game. There will be a new option that would allow gamers to hide “certain” objects from the Purchased list, including trials, betas, and demos.


Under 5.50 update, gamers could also import any images through a USB-enabled devices if they could apply photos as a background. Previously, gamers could actually implement custom wallpaper, but Sony said that a new storage device option was added to the system’s Themes area under the Settings menu.



Also, Sony said that it added a new Play Time Management feature to impose both restriction and control on using the gaming console. This feature wants to limit the usage time of PS4, especially for children. Using the feature allows you to track the time when PS4 was used and set the daily time limits.

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