#237 The Insta360 Go 2

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#111 Apex Legends Is Coming To Mobile

EA is excited to reveal that Apex Legends is coming to mobile! They are hoping to have a release date soon. While you’re reading, don’t forget to donate to our Kickstarter today and get some exclusive merch!

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#79 Amazons’ New Game Streaming Service

Taking a short break today from the Consumer Electronics Show to cover some other big tech happenings, including Bungie splitting with Activision on Destiny and Epic Games being rated by the BBB!

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Destiny 3 Coming In 2020, Analyst Predicts Amid Bungie/Activision Breakup

One of the biggest gaming news stories so far in 2019 broke today when Activision and Bungie confirmed they are ending their publishing deal for Destiny. Going forward, Bungie will take on development and publishing duties for Destiny, while Activision will focus on its own franchises, like Call of Duty. Research firm Cowen & Company shared its thoughts on the news in a note to investors today, and one prediction the company made was that Bungie will release Destiny 3 in 2020. This is not an altogether surprising revelation, as the Destiny series normally releases new mainline entries every three years.

Spotify on the importance of podcasts, personalization and partnerships

AI plays a huge role in how Spotify delivers personalized playlists to users, so it’s somewhat fitting that the company’s new partnership with Microsoft is focused on messages about how AI can impact all aspects of life — including education, healthcare and philanthropy. Those messages are going to be showing up in the Discover Weekly playlist for free users, the first time that Spotify has lets brands have full customization and control over advertising in that feed.

Fortnite maker Epic Games earns ‘F’ rating from Better Business Bureau

The creator of the wildly popular video game Fortnite has been given an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau after failing to address hundreds of complaints from concerned customers. The BBB said that over the past year, it has received more than 270 complaints about Epic Games, which has made a fortune from Fortnite and other popular video games. Most of the complaints regard customer service issues and problems with refunds and exchanges — and most of them were never addressed by the Cary, N.C.-based company, the BBB said in a statement.

Amazon Developing New Game Streaming Service to Compete with Microsoft and Google

Not to be outdone by its FAANG and other technology rivals, it appears Amazon has been secretly developing a game streaming service. It looks set to compete with Microsoft and Google with instant video games housed on powerful servers. Cloud-based gaming, which will negate the need for downloads or game cards, could be one of the next major advances for the gaming industry.

A Google Podcasts App May Soon Be Launched

A dedicated app for podcasts may soon be available on the Google PlayStore.

According to the folks in 9to5Google, the search giant is planning to have its own Google Podcasts app.

In the last few months, Google has really been pushing for more presence in the podcast universe. And this move will definitely help them gain more traction. In 2009, it launched an app called Listen, which was its first attempt at a podcast player. However, it did not live long enough and was completely shutdown in three years later.

Currently, Google has been building out a podcast client within the standard Google app. However, it is not easy to access. The company is apparently trying to change that with an actual Android app.

9to5Google spotted a snipped of code in the latest Google app which shows an inactive prompt which asks users to “Get the Google Podcasts app.”

Currently the app is not live yet but the folks at 9to5Google thinks you will be able to access the app HERE once it does.

Besides the code, they also saw a logo for the Google Podcasts app made of the iconic Google colours.

Image Source: 9to5Google

Pretty cool eh?


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Investment In Podcast Startups Is The “In” Thing

Podcast Startups Investment: Today’s “In” Thing

Investment in podcast startups is today’s new trend.  Most entrepreneurs listen to podcasts.  These podcasts teach them how to improve their businesses and be successful.

What Is a Podcast

For us to understand this topic better, we have to know what a podcast is first.  A podcast is a digital audio file.  This is made available in the internet for downloading to a mobile device or a computer.  A podcast is typically available as a series, new installments which subscribers receive automatically.

They are commonly described as on-demand internet radio talks.  The topics can be anything, from business, to life, leisure, food, and anything else under the sun.  A podcast can either be a conversation between a host and a guest speaker, or a monologue of a person sharing his or her insights and ideas.

The Benefits Of Listening To Podcasts

They are not just ordinary audio files.  Those who listen to podcasts can benefit from them.  They increase the time you spend for learning.  You might pickup an idea or two which you can apply in your life.

In terms of business, listening to podcasts of related topics may give you ideas which you can use in your businesses to improve them.

Investing In Podcasts Startups

A lot of podcasters make money through sponsorships.  If your podcast is good and popular, you get more sponsors.  Take a TV show, for example.  The more advertisements a show gets during its airtime, it means more sponsors, and more income for the show and the network.  This is also the same with podcasts.  The more people listening to your podcast, the more sponsorships you get.

It does not need much to invest in a these startups.  The most important thing you have to consider is your material and topic.  The way you deliver your discussion is also important.  If the delivery is not good, even is your topic is relevant, your listeners might be bored.

So start investing in these startups.  Who knows, you might be one of those successful entrepreneurs of the future.

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Skype Targets Content Creators With New Call Recording Feature

Microsoft is hoping to make Skype more appealing to content creators by introducing their latest feature.

(Credit: Microsoft)

As more and more people are turning into content creators and the popularity of this niche increases, so does the need for good software. Skype, being one of the most used software by podcasters and the like, is stepping its game too.

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new “Skype for Content Creators”  mode for its desktop app and the feature is now in “preview”. This is the term for Microsoft’s software that are currently being tested before rolling out to the public.

In a blog post, the company explains how this new feature could benefit content creators.

Digital broadcasters, streamers, and vloggers can now record videos, podcasts and live streaming calls “without having to invest in expensive studio equipment”. If you own a Windows 10 PC or a Mac, you’re good to go.

The mode can be used to place and record calls directly in NDI-enabled software like Wirecast, Xsplit, or Vmix.

The recorded video can also be imported to other software for calls that are not being streamed live. This includes being able to edit further in softwares like Adobe’s Premier Pro or Audition.

Skype for Content Creators is rolling out summer of this year. Those who are attending the NAB conference in Las Vegas next week will also get a preview.

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