iPad is popular among American adults

popularity of tablets among american adultsThe popularity of the tablet is sky rocketing and 25% of American adults have embraced the technology.

According to the study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the growth in tablet ownership has tremendously increased over the past year.

52% of them own an iPad while 48% own an Android based device.

The 52% market share of Apple’s iPad fell down from the previous year when it had 80% of the share. Android on the other hand continues to chomp down on the latter’s lead as the 15% market share of the previous year rose to 48%.

It is good to keep in mind that this study was made before Google released their Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, so it is good to speculate that Android’s market share will still rise in the next few months.

The study also showed that the Kindle Fire is the most popular Android tablet, holding 21% of the market share of the 48% it’s holding.

Amongst mobile phone operating systems, 46% of American adults currently run on the Android OS, followed by iOS with 38%. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry only holds 10% of the share.

What’s running on your smartphone?

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Parents friend their children in social media to check on them

A study presented during the educators conference yesterday said that most teenagers use social media and parents friending their kids to monitor what sites their children visit at an increased rate.

According to the study, 76% of children are on social media sites and 93% of them are one Facebook. This is according to the Pew Internet study that tries to answer questions regarding teens’ behaviors online.

The study also showed that there is an increase in social media usage when your child grows with age.

45% of online 12 year olds use social networking sites and that 82% of 13 year olds use the internet.

60% of parents checked out the sites their children visit way back in 2000. It rose by 16% to 77% in 2011.

What startling about the study is that children don’t use email that much at all.

The Pew study said that teens use text messaging for communication instead of email. Only 6% of teens use email daily while 39% said that they never use email to communicate. 63% of teens today send an SMS message daily, some of them send 100 messages in a single day.

The study also showed that 39% of parents friend their child in social media site while 62% of teens use privacy settings of the sites they join.

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