Overwatch League Pro Suspended For Gay Remark

An Overwatch League player was suspended and fined for violating the Overwatch League Code of Conduct during his stream last week. The Overwatch League pro player Felix “xQc” Lengyel was barred from playing four games. He was also ordered to pay $2000 for apparently violating the group’s code of ethical standards.


“The Overwatch League takes standards of player behavior seriously, whether during league play or otherwise, and is committed to responding swiftly when violations occur,” the group said in a statement on Thursday.


Apart from the Overwatch League, the Dallas Fuel had also issued a statement expressing support to the group’s decision. The Dallas Fuel said that Lengyel would be suspended for the remainder of Stage 1 which would run until February 9.


What went before

Lengyel’s case stemmed after he dropped a homophobic remark to another player named Austin “Muma” Wilmot. Lengyel’s insult came shortly after Wilmot Houston Outlaws defeated the Fuel 4-0 last week.



In a separate report by Kotaku, Lengyel was irked when Wilmot used the line “rolled and smoked” during the OWL stream. Lengyel reacted harshly even though he didn’t play the game’s match.


Lengyel posted: “No, you didn’t smoke shit. Shut your fucking mouth.Go back there, suck a fat cock. I mean, he would like that.”


Then he admitted that he crossed the line after he made the homophobic remark to Wilmot, who is known to be an openly gay. Wilmot described Lengyel as “someone who can’t even get off the bench, and who’s also a homophobic piece of garbage.”


Lengyel issued an apology to Wilmot via Twitter. The gay player, in return, has accepted his apology. But the Dallas Fuel announced on Twitter that Lengyel would be facing sanctions including the prohibition of playing in the game match against the London Spitfire.

Blizzard: Overwatch Update Adds New Skins And Makes Changes

Avid players of the popular game Overwatch League will get to enjoy new skins based on the league’s various teams. Apart from the new skins, the game developer also brought an update some changes, additions and fixes.



Blizzard has rolled out the Overwatch League update for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. The game developer said that the game’s new team skins are not just available in the loot box.



To get the new skins, gamers should buy the new skins with League Tokens. Gamers can buy the skins in bundles with a price ranging from $5 which is equivalent to 100 Tokens to 2,600 Tokens, that’s if a gamer opted to buy a $100-worth of tokens.



Apart from these, a player could also buy an individual skin that would cost 100 Tokens. And here’s an earlier treat. Blizzard said that players would be able to receive 100 Tokens if they could logged-in between now and February 13.



However, if a gamer aims to collect a complete collection of the game’s skin. Obviously, it would be very expensive with a possible price of $1,200. Players could access the whole collection of the skins in the Overwatch gallery.


A selected patch notes, as published on Blizzard’s website, is presented below.


Introducing Overwatch League Team Skins


Time to suit up! Overwatch League home-team skins are now live and can be purchased via our new League Token system, which allows players to directly support their favorite Overwatch League team (or teams!). Home-team skins are available for all 12 OVerwatch League teams and all 26 Overwatch heroes.

General Updates


”    Players can now watch the Overwatch League stream via the Overwatch League menu option when games are live

”    [PS4/XB1] Players can now bind all communication wheel options to a gamepad button

”    [PS4/XB1] An option to press and hold crouch rather than toggling the ability has been added to Options > Controls > Movement

”    [PS4/XB1] A slider for “Friendly Aim Assist Strength” has been added to Ana’s control options under Options > Controls > Hero. This will make it easier to aim at allies

”    Weapon accuracy is no longer increased or decreased when shooting at Genji’s Deflect or abilities that block projectiles (e.g. Winston’s Barrier Projector or Mei’s Ice Wall)

User Interface


”    Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony will now display its target’s health bar

Bug Fixes


”    Fixed an issue that prevented earned items from being displayed when a Loot Box was opened

”    Fixed a bug that caused a duplicate “Current Competitive Season” selection to appear in the Career Profile dropdown menu

”    [PC] Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to navigate in-game menus with the tab key

”    Fixed a bug that prevented UI elements for Tracer’s Blink from displaying when switching between first- and third-person view in spectator mode

”    Fixed a bug that prevented the ammo count for Doomfist’s Hand Cannon from displaying when switching between first- and third-person view in spectator mode



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