Olympics Will Be More Colorful Than Ever, Thanks to 4K HDR

Olympics is expected to be much more colorful this year

Olympics 2018 is going to be a lot more colorful than it did before. There are a lot of reasons as to why this major event will give color to our lives this year. The parade of Olympic athletes will be seen on TV by viewers all around the world. Also, North and South Korea athletes will enter together for the first time in more than a decade!

NBCUniversal decided to make the winter Olympics available to cable and satellite partners in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR). Dish, Comcast and DirecTV customers who have HD television sets and subscriptions may experience the 4K HDR coverage.

“For the first time, the Winter Olympics will be available in 4K HDR, marking an exciting milestone for both the TV industry and Olympic viewers,” said Vivek Khemka, Dish Chief Technology Officer. “We’re pleased to work with NBCUniversal to give customers access to this year’s inspiring Olympic performances in the clearest resolution and richest color palette available, maximizing the potential of their 4K HDR TVs,” he also added.

Well actually, this is not the first Olympics to be delivered in 4K. The Rio Olympics in 2016 was delivered by NBC in 4K Ultra High Definition. However, this year’s Winter Olympics is a bit more colorful. With the adding of the High Dynamic Range element. That gives you an even more stunning colors in addition to higher resolution.

But don’t get too excited. There’s a bit of catch actually. The opening ceremonies will be aired on Friday on a normal high definition (HD) format on NBC. But to those who wanted to watch it in 4K HDR, you’ll have to wait until Saturday to see it.

Also, the 4K format will be limited to some events only. It’s because the broadcast production world hasn’t moved fully to 4K HDR. According to NBCUniversal, the content will be limited to the opening ceremonies and to some sporting events. Like the figure skating, short track (racing), ski jumping and ice hockey. The closing ceremony is expected to be viewed in 4K HDR although it’s not on the list yet.

“Lightning” Bolt crowned king of Olympic tweets

A few weeks ago, TechNewsGadget reported that the 2012 Olympics shattered the previous record of tweets from the previous Olympics in just a single day. The Olympic tweeting universe have recorded a huge number of tweets, as the London Olympics closed in a bold fashion.

According to Twitter, the 2012 London Olympics garnered 150 million total tweets and Usain “Lightning” Bot of Jamaica generated a huge share of the total.

The 16-day event culminated a couple of days ago and Twitter totaled the actual number of tweets sent by their users. They found out that the most tweeted competition were Bolt’s 100 meter and 200 meter races.

Other statistics include:

  • Jamaica’s gold winning performance in the 4×100 relay garners 52,000 tweets per minute.
  • Andy Murray’s gold medal win in his singles tennis match had 57,000 tweets per minute.
  •  The basketball final featuring USA and Spain, where US won, had 41,000 tweets per minute.

With regards to the popularity of athletes in Twitter universe, the 10 most tweeted individuals according to popularity are:

  1. Usain Bolt
  2. Michael Phelps
  3. Tom Daley
  4. Ryan Lochte
  5. Gabby Douglas
  6. Andy Murray
  7. Kobe Bryant
  8. Yohan Blake
  9. Lee Chong Wei
  10. LeBron James

Which was your favorite moment from the Olympics?

Image Source: ipstenu.org

What do you know about the Olympics? (infographic)

Olympic Games are back once again and the world seems to revolve around them. Everyone talks about them on social media and we all discuss the world records. We know some athletes and we might watch some popular sports, but what do we really know about the meaning of Olympics?

It cannot be denied that the Olympics in London are the most social games ever. The effect of social media as a way to comment the games, while watching them, has created a new way to watch the games, spreading the news throughout the world in just a few seconds. The Internet has turned us into experts, since we can answer everything with the use of an online help. How do we answer though when we have to answer without any help about the games?

Lab42 conducted a market research about what Americans know about the Olympics. Some questions were quite easy, while others needed more thought. Before checking the infographic, do you know who Michael Phelps is? Do you know whether there is an orange ring in the Olympic Rings? What does Olympiad mean?

Start googling, in case you are asked at a future research then! Since then, enjoy Olympics on TV and keep commenting through social media!

Twitter stands against free speech (Adams VS NBC)

The modern world has seen the rise of social networking and blogging. The world became more and more connected to each other, through the internet. People are able to learn of experiences, stories and lives very far from their own, all in a few clicks.

The internet and social networking has also incited a more free world in terms of speech. As long as it was not in violation of any laws and rules regarding privacy and individual rights, anyone can speak out and be heard or read. Blogging and video blogging is no longer done by the registered journalists of the world. Everyone is now a journalist of their own right.

Twitter is a very popular social micro-blogging site that allows people to write short accounts of what they feel, what they think, what they’ve done or witnessed in their daily lives. It is a very viral form of sharing your life through the internet. That was exactly just what British journalist Guy Adams was trying to do – share to the world his experiences.

If you have been living under a rock for a while now, you probably don’t know much about the Olympics. The Olympics this year is said to be the grandest and largest one ever. It is also the most talked about and shared event. The power of the modern world’s smartphones has encouraged a lot of people to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to share information to the world. In fact, with so many Tweets being posted recently regarding the Olympics, Twitter had a major melt down, almost begging for people to slow down.

Twitter is again in the in the news again regarding the Olympics. Twitter has been said to have been corrupted by NBC Sports who has failed to show the live coverage of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. This has disappointed Adams, and he was simply airing out his dismay in Twitter, highlighting that people with the same complaints rise up and helps him make NBC Sports aware.

NBC Sports did in fact notice Adams and his appeal, and rather than making an apology, take the complaint to positively bolster service to the people, NBC Sports has opted to silence Adams. No, they didn’t kill him; they just “coaxed” Twitter to kill his account.

According to Christopher McCloskey of NBC Sports, the reason why they had complained to Twitter was because Adams apparently gave out private information regarding one of their staff – NBC Olympics president Gary Zenkel. The funny part is that the email address of Gary Zenkel is not even private at all. What was shared was a corporate email that is publicly visible on the NBC site.

The social networking site then proceeded into closing Adams’ account, calling his attention to the violation of the rules. Adams claims to be innocent, and refuses to perform an apology as Twitter suggested to restore his account.

Twitter is then implicated further when NBC claimed that it was the social networking site itself that alerted them of the situation. It would seem like Twitter was looking for a good excuse to reduce the load on the server caused by users like Adams. It was no secret that they were urging users to stop Tweeting for a bit.

It would seem that Twitter is no longer as neutral as they had claimed, nor do they encourage freedom of speech. They have pretty much gone against everything that the world thought they stood for. People will notice, and this might just put Twitter in a less than favorable position.

Image sources: hotel-blogs.com,  eternalremont.blogspot.com

2012 Olympic tweets surpass these of 2008 Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics kicked off last weekend amidst all the hoopla and fanfare. Expectations were great and the organizers certainly lived up to the expectations of the people who wanted a grand opening. In the next couple of weeks, we will witness what man can achieve when he puts his heart into what he is going to do.

This time Olympics showed that technology has indeed grown leaps and bounds since the last event took place in Beijing 4 year ago.

According to Twitter, the tweets that have been registered about the Olympics have surpassed those of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Twitter added that two-thirds of the American contingent are on Twitter and the build up towards the 2012 Olympics has overshadowed that of the 2008 sporting spectacle.

Twitter has partnered with sporting events in the past. They partnered with NASCAR that began last May. Then a month later, Twitter partnered with the Euro 2012 soccer championships.

But clearly, the Olympics are the biggest sports event that they have done, as it is considered as the Holy Grail of all sports events.

Let’s see what the final number is and compare it yet again with the 2016 Olympics.

I bet that this would again trump this year’s number.

Image Source: venturebeat.com

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