Nintendo Switch Has Sold 10 Million Units Globally

Nintendo’s popular hybrid gaming console, the Switch has reached a milestone today. The company has sold 10 million units of Switch hybrid console globally. Switch’s sales success is remarkable because the console was sold within the first nine months since it was release.

The success of Nintendo’s Switch can be attributed to the assistance extended by Black Friday promotions. The success of the company’s Switch robust sales was, in fact, unexpected because Nintendo has been experiencing problems in its supply chain.

How much did Nintendo earn from selling Switch?

Crucial to Nintendo’s Switch sale is the global fans who bought the company’s hybrid console. Nintendo’s Switch has an expensive price tag of $300. This means the company’s robust sales of Switch translates to more than $3 billion regarding company revenue.

Just this March, Switch has been sold to more than 7.63 gamers worldwide since its release date until the end of September this year. One of the reasons why gamers love the Nintendo Switch is because of console’s dual-use system.

Unknown to many, Switch features a dual system that allows gamers to connect the hybrid console to a TV and at the same time acts as a mobile device. The Switch feature has remarkably earned a positive review from gamers.

What is Switch’s dual-system feature?

For Reggie Fils-Aime, president and COO of Nintendo of America, told Variety that the Switch’s dual system is “a powerful idea for a gamer to never have to leave their game experience behind.”

“That’s been a cornerstone of our strong performance to date,” she added.

Meanwhile, with Switch’s remarkable sales, is it Nintendo’s best selling console? The answer is certainly in negative. Why? Because in 2006, Nintendo launched the gaming console Nintendo Wii and more than 100 million units were sold, surpassing Switch’s sales this year.

This means that Nintendo Wii is the company’s best selling console to date. However, the Nintendo official has expressed confidence that Switch will be able to reach its success this year. She also hinted at the possibility that Switch may surpass Wii’s first-year sales during yuletide holidays.

Wii U GamePad prototype unleashed by Nintendo

Japanese console and game developer Nintendo has provided a sneak peak to their second gen Wii console to provide excitement just days before the E3 opens its doors to the public.

In a video that was streamed online, Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, showed features of their new Wii U GamePad.

The Wii U Gamepad features a 6.2 inch screen that displays maps and information to complement the game. It can also act as a touchscreen game board and can serve as a second monitor.

The demo also showed that the console can also serve as a television remote control and the built in screen can serve as a “social window” to enable individuals using the Wii U GamePad console to play against each other online.

Its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii, was a huge success as it changed the way individuals play games. Its motion-sensing controllers became a huge hit and paved the way for active gaming sessions.

Casual games, free or inexpensive games, that is played through smartphones or tablets have hurt the company and the gaming business per se.

According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said, “The snack food type games thrive at the expense of casual games.”

“They have hurt the Wii and the DS badly and taken away the casual gamer,” he added.

Do you anticipate for the Wii U Gamepad, then?

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Xbox 360: most-used game console

In  a recent study conducted by market researcher Nielsen, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is the most-used game console in America.

The result was based on the console’s share of total usage minutes. The Xbox 360 got 23.1 percent of gaming time. In the second PlayStation 2 with 20.4 of game time while Nintendo Wii bags the third place with a share of 19 percent usage time.

In the study, the market researching also found out that male gamers are not the only ones spending more and more time on glued to these consoles. Active female games (those who play at least one hour per week) now represent 45 percent of the entire gamer market.

It is not however, the Xbox 360 who has a big female-gamer population. According to Nielsen, 52 percent of Sony PSP players and 49 percent of Wii players are female.

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Mickey Mouse’s dark side soon on Wii

Disney's Epic Mickey Logo (Source: CNet)

Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? The iconic Walt Disney character has become a household name known to many as cute, happy-go-lucky mouse on different adventures.

What others didn’t know, or forgot, is that the mischievous mouse started out as badly-behaved critter (still in a slightly good way though 😉 ) in 1928. Warren Spector, a best-known video game designer, is gonna show you that.

“I wanted to remind Mickey that it’s okay to be mischievous and badly-behaved. For so many years, he hasn’t been allowed to do anything remotely mischievous. But if you go back to those early cartoons, he was very badly behaved, and we’ve got to let him get back to that,” Spector said in an interview with CNet.

“Mickey touches everybody, and none of us will ever meet a human being who doesn’t know about this character.”

Disney’s Epic Mickey is an adventure-platforming game which will be distributed exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii. The story, according to CNet News, revolves around a world created by the sorcerer from the The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. In this world, the forgotten Disney creations reside, including Oswald, Walt Disney’s earliest cartoon star. As what usually happens in the real world, Oswald becomes bitter as Mickey becomes more famous so when Mickey accidentally destroy Oswald’s comfort zone in his world, Oswald is making sure the little critter will face the consequences.

“It’s a game where we remind (people) that Mickey is a hero who solves problems by dynamically changing the world around him and deciding how to interact with the people and places and problems he encounters in this strange new world,” Spector said.

Disney’s Epic Mickey is set to be released in the fall of 2010.


Sony PS3 finally get the top slot

Credit: Sony

Yep, after three years of trying to win out over its competitors, the Sony Playstation 3 was finally crowed the monthly top-selling video game console according to NPD.

The video game analyst reported that Sony took the first place in the most number of units sold with 491, 800 PS2 units in September. Nintendo’s Wii took the second place with 462, 800 units and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 came in last with 352, 600 units sold.

Although Sony’s numbers aren’t that much far from Nintendo’s, the news is still a reason to celebrate as this somehow proves that people are still willing to buy the PS3 – they were just waiting for its price to be a little lower. So when Sony unveiled the $299 PS3 Slim (despite it still being a hundred bucks higher than the Wii), gamers flocked to purchase units.

Will PS3 stay on top? I’m guessing it will, as long as Sony keeps giving awesome software to go with the unit, and of course, keep its price under the $300 level. What do you think?


Project Runway goes to Wii

Credit: Bravo TV

Fans of “Project Runway” will not only be able to watch the show in the small screen, they can now be a part of it – in a game, that is.

Atari Inc. announced that it is developing a video game for Nintendo’s Wii based on the popular reality TV fashion competition.

Players of the game will take the role of fashion designers and create designs for the runway. The best part? They can also play the role of models and showcase their virtual masterpieces while strutting their stuff on the catwalk using the Wii Balance Board controller.

Fans will have to wait a little longer though, as the game is set to for release next year. 😉


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