Mega Drive Mini from Sega

Introducing The Mega Drive Mini From Sega

Nintendo introduces the Mega Drive Mini. At least fifteen classic Sega games will also come to Nintendo Switch this summer.

The Mega Drive Mini

Nostalgia is catching up on Sega, miniature console trend. It announced that it will release the Mega Drive Mini, at the Sega Fes. This is a miniature version of the Mega Drive. This will happen sometime this 2018. The company also announced that they would be bringing a number of classic games to the Nintendo Switch.

Mega Drive Mini is just a tentative name. It is being released in conjunction with the console’s 30th anniversary, and it will carry a number of classic games. The company has licensed its name to hardware company AtGames, to produce Genesis clones, including the Sega Genesis Flashback.

AtGames announced that the forthcoming Mega Drive Mini will be powered by its hardware.
Sega released the original Mega Drive in Japan on October 29, 1988. And in North America on August 14th, 1989. Ultimately, more than 300 million devices were sold worldwide.

Other Information

The company also recently licensed out a selection of its classic games for Android phones and iOS. Switch users may also enjoy playing classic Sega games including Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Force 4, and Phantasy Star. These games will be released later this summer.

The Mega Drive Mini will be released first in Japan. No news yet on when Mega Drive Mini will reach Western shores.

This console is anything like the NES and SNES consoles. Thus it comes with built-in games. The full list of the games is yet to be revealed. But it is more likely to have the same line up as the Mega Drive collection for PS4 and Xbox One.

With the upcoming release of the Sega Mega Drive Mini, fans are getting more and more excited each day. Waiting for the new console to be released will hopefully be worth it for avid Sega fans. So stretch your patience a little more. The release of the Sega Mega Drive Mini is almost here and we can then have fun playing with its classic games.

Outlast Games: Outlasts Series Trailer for Nintendo Switch Is Out

Avid users of Nintendo Switch can now play the popular Outlast games. This comes after the developer has released the game with a new series trailer.

Back in February, the developer announced that the Outlast games would be released to Nintendo Switch. The announcement came with several gaming teasers and a confirmation that the games are coming to Switch.

Fast forward this month, Outlasts games are now available to Nintendo Switch owners. If you are a gamer, you can actually view a new trailer of Outlast: Bundle of Terror and Outlast 2 at Nintendo YouTube channel.

“Outlast Bundle of Terror and Outlast 2 are unforgettable experiences that will make your blood run cold. Get ready for the most disturbing first-person games in the horror genre, exploring the idea that the terrifying monsters of all come from the human mind,” a short description of the game’s trailer reads.

“Outlast Bundle of Terror, which includes Outlast and its Whistleblower add-on, and Outlast 2 are available now on Nintendo Switch,” the description added.


Outlast Series Trailer



You can also play both games—Outlast: Bundle of Terror and Outlast 2 – in various platforms. Players can actually play the games without any restriction to a certain TV or monitor. With the game’s availability at Switch, you can now enjoy playing the Outlast games if you are going mobile with the Switch.

And if you are planning to buy the Outlast: Bundle of Terror, it includes the game and a DLC which can be bought at Nintendo Store for $24.99. Meanwhile, the Outlast 2 can be bought for $29.99. Thus, if you are a newbie and considering to buy these games, read the game’s features for your reference, according to ComicBook.


• True Survival Horror Experience: You are no fighter – if you want to survive the horrors of the asylum, your only chance is to run… or hide

• Immersive Graphics: AAA-quality graphics give players a detailed, terrifying world to explore

• Hide and Sneak: Stealth-based gameplay, with parkour-inspired platforming elements

• Unpredictable Enemies: Players cannot know when – and from where – one of the asylum’s terrifying inhabitants will finally catch up to them

• Real Horror: Outlast’s setting and characters are inspired by real asylums and cases of criminal insanity

Pokemon Nintendo Switch: Release date, RPG gameplay, 2018 Updates

Avid gamers of the popular game Pokemon is excited of the news that it is coming to Nintendo Switch this year. This comes after a Nintendo patent was discovered which includes a new batch of Pokemon trading cards.


Pokemon Nintendo Switch – New NFC Tech?


Just this month, Pokemon fans have expressed excitement after a patent was published online. The patent, according to earlier reports, was filed back in November. The recently published Nintendo patent hinted a new design of Pokemon trading cards.


The Pokemon trading cards with NFC tech is readable by any Nintendo hardware. A description of the listing revealed that the trading cards are actually a collection of pictures.

“The trading cards refer to cards on which variously different pictures are depicted, and a purpose thereof is a collection and exchange. Namely, the trading cards are cards manufactured and sold aiming at exchange or collection of pictures on each surface thereof,” reads a description of the Pokemon listing.


It should be noted, however, that while the Nintendo patent showed various pictures. There was no reference that could link directly to Pokemon. Furthermore, both the game publisher Nintendo and Game Freak as the developer did not release the game’s release date.


Also, sources who are privy to Nintendo’s plans are positive that fans could see the release of the most-anticipated Pokemon game. It can be recalled that Game Freak designer Kazumasa Iwao has earlier announced that Nintendo is hyping up the game for the 2018 release.


“Happy New Year. In 2017 we were able to release Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, and we express our deep gratitude to everyone who has been playing it. In 2018 we will continue to hype up Pokemon, so please look forward to it,” Iwao told Japanese magazine Famitsu in an interview.

Nintendo: Stop Using Third-party Nintendo Switch Chargers

Several Nintendo Switch owners have complained of losing they’re save date on their consoles. This unanticipated problem has occurred after they used third-party charging adapters. Thus, the results, some Nintendo Switch owners were reportedly breaking their gaming consoles.


Why you need to stop using third-party Nintendo Switch chargers?


But the use of third-party charging adapters is not yet conclusive in this case. As some various owners ok Nyko’s Switch dock has also encountered several errors. Kotaku earlier reported that after Nyko has updated the firmware to 5.0 version, the console has started to act up.


A barrage of complaints could be found on Reddit, GameFAQs, and GBATemp, respectively. And here’s another Switch owner’s experienced about this unfortunate console problem.


Though the problem has surfaced, it’s still unclear whether Nyko’s dock is correlated with the experience of the above-mentioned Switch owner. We learned, however, that it is not just Nyko’s dock encountered the same problem.


What we learned so far is that this could be either an issue of using third-party Switch chargers, or perhaps not at all. Some console owners say that this has also a possible issue with the firmware. Upon learning this problem, Nintendo has stated to clear this problem.


“Unlicensed products and accessories do not undergo Nintendo’s testing and evaluation process. They might not work at all with our game systems, and they could have compatibility problems with certain games, the Nintendo Switch system itself, and other licensed accessories and peripherals,” Nintendo told Kotaku in a statement.

Nintendo Switch: Update Allows Gamers To Add Facebook and Twitter Friends

Nintendo has rolled out an update for its gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. The update allows hybrid console users to add Facebook and Twitter accounts to their friend’s list.


The new feature comes with the release of Nintendo 5.0 update which fixes the bugs in the operating system. The update also includes some parental features.


Here’s what you need to know about Switch update


So how does the Nintendo Switch’s new feature works? The Nintendo Switch update allows you to suggest to various Nintendo Accounts. However, this only works if you are linking to social media users who are over 13 years old.


Apart from this, the Nintendo Switch update is bringing 24 new Arms and Kirby user icons. And if you are any of the Switch users who buy a game using your own PC or mobile phone, it would download at a faster speed even the devices are asleep.


The newly released update also fixes the problems encountered by Switch users like hiding the older play activity data. The update also adds a notification, especially when you pre-ordered a game that has been unlocked.


Moreover, one of the highlights of the Nintendo Switch update is the improved parental controls. The update gives parents the ability to enter PIN entry. Nintendo said the PIN entry can now be operated using both the stick and button.



Previously, the PIN entry can be operated only through an on-screen keyboard as well as some game titles which are outside of the device’s software settings.

Dark Souls for Nintendo Switch Beta and Amiibo Confirmed

Dark Souls Remastered

The presentation of Nintendo Direct Mini last January was put to a close with a big surprise, the Switch version of Dark Souls. The introduction of the game comes with the chance for fans to play the game even without buying it. They can sample the game even before its release. This will give fans the opportunity to have the feel of the game even before it goes out in the market.

Along with the video game itself, the Amiibo figure is on the way. This figure is based on Dark Souls. This figure is called Solaire Astora Amiibo. By scanning through the game, you will have the opportunity to do the famous “praise the sun” emote.

According to Nintendo Direct a network test beta will be released before the games launch. This will give fanatics the opportunity to play the game before its release. All the more reason for fans to be excited about this game. Another update for fans to look forward to is the remastered edition of Dark Souls for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in addition to Switch. These versions include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC and various technical improvements to the game’s resolution and framerate.

It will be due on May 25 as well as the Amiibo figure.

As always, Nintendo Direct is conducting studies and tests and is finding new ways to develop more games. Not just ordinary games but quality games for their fans. The company is always doing its best to improve their games, to make it more challenging and enjoyable for the gamers. They see to it that they get to maintain the quality of their games to protect the good name the company has worked hard for all these years. The company is always doing its best to protect and maintain the prestige and success they have gained throughout the years. We can say then that the games that this company develop is of good quality. We can then conclude that if the video games are from Nintendo, then we can be assured of playing the best games.

Nintendo Will Release New Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch Soon

Nintendo announced that they will be releasing the Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros. this year. The Switch version of Super Smash Bros. will include the squid kids from Splatoon. Familiar faces like Mario and Link the Inkling from Splatoon will also be featured in the said game.

The good thing about this new game is that it can be played anytime and anywhere. This will make it more appealing to Super Smash Bros. fanatics. Whatever else Nintendo has planned for this game remains to be seen once this game will be out.

The Smash franchise has four games, all released by the company. It started with the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64. This was followed by Super Smash Bros. Melee for GameCube. Next came Super Smash Bros. for Wii U which will appear at the Evo Fighting Tournament this year.

It has developed lots of games throughout the years. The company’s games have entertained a lot of people. They maintained the quality of their games. This is the reason why a lot of people patronize them. Their games are not only fun and enjoyable but educational as well. Some people treat these video games as stress relievers. This is precisely the reason why people, regardless of age, are Nintendo games fanatics.

All these time the company has been finding ways to develop and produce quality games for their patrons. With modern technology, their games have evolved from the very simple, uncomplicated video games of long ago to the more complex and intricate ones today. The company’s games have practically been part of our lives. With this we can be assured that the Switch version of Super Smash Bros. will live up to our expectations. It will be another success for its developer.

This new game that the company will be releasing this year will be one game to look forward to.

In Nintendo’s news release, the details they gave about this game was vague. The added mystery makes the people more excited about this new game. This will make them look forward to it. One thing for sure, this new game will make it big.

Diablo 3: Blizzard’s ‘Diablo 3’ Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Game publisher Blizzard has teased Diablo fans anew. This as the game developer hinted that the popular game would be coming to Nintendo Switch. Last week, Blizzard tweeted a cryptic teaser, prompting fans to claim that it’s about the Diablo franchise.


Is Diablo 3 coming to Nintendo Switch?


The game developer posted what appeared to be a six-second video showing Diablo demons. The video was accompanied by a caption: “Sweet dreams.” With this, Diablo fans are suggesting that the Diablo franchise may head to Nintendo Switch.

However, Blizzard later dismissed the rumor, saying, “We can assure you we’re not that clever.” Recently, a new report has surfaced saying that Diablo franchise is likely heading to Nintendo’s hybrid console.


Citing a source, Eurogamer reported that the popular action RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch. Upon learning the news, Diablo fans took to Twitter to express their opinions. Many of the Diablo fans claim that the video was actually a reference to the Diablo for the Nintendo hybrid console.


However, Eurogamer’s report, did not actually specifically state the game’s expansion that would be included on the release date. There are two possible game expansions: the Diablo III’s Reaper of Souls and the Rise of the Necromancer.


Meanwhile, Blizzard had released Diablo III in 2012 for PC. The game developer later released the game for PS3, Xbox 360. In 2014, the game was also ported to PS4 and Xbox One.


Since its release, Blizzard did not release any games for Nintendo platform after the game developer released Starcraft to the Nintendo 64 back in 2000.

Glitch of Nintendo Switch is Being Resolved

The Resetting Glitch of the Switch is Almost Fixed

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles nowadays. It celebrated its first anniversary recently. But uses of the Switch were quite unhappy because a glitch happened. They noticed that their playtimes were deleted from the system.

The resetting of these playtimes is just temporary according to Nintendo. A representative from the company announced that an update is already on its way.

“Some Nintendo Switch owners’ play activity info is displaying incorrectly, but play activity is still being recorded accurately in the background,” Nintendo said on Twitter. “A future system update will resolve this issue [and] ensure play time data is correctly displayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The said glitch was first experienced after the console’s first anniversary. The play was seen as “first played 0 days ago” which gave the Switch owners fright. They thought that the system just records gameplays for a year.

According to Switch, the reset takes about 10 days. It’s the same number of days before your results show up in your Switch profile. Users need not worry about the reset because it’s not permanent.

While the activity info on the Nintendo Switch wasn’t displaying correctly the console was still recording in the background. Reasonably, many feared the data was lost and any evidence of those long Zelda play sessions was gone.

With the assurance from the company itself, we won’t have to be too worrisome about this glitch. Let’s just wait for Day 11 since the said reset and watch our playtime records come back to normal.

After resolving this issue, both the company and the users can continue celebrating Nintendo Switch’s first ever birthday. Just be patient and wait for the glitch update then enjoy playing to your heart’s content.

Play PS4 Controller With 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter

A tiny USB adapter would allow you to use a PS4 controller with a Nintendo Switch. While gamers branded it as an expensive add-on, it is nonetheless, a solid gamepad. Gamers called it as the 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter.


The adapter was released by 8Bitdo, a popular company known for marketing a retro-style controllers. The company is selling the adapter for $19.99. Using this adapter allows gamers to use several numbers of controllers with the Switch.


What is 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter?


What good about this 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter is that it supports both Sony’s Dual Shock 3 and Dual Shock 4. The company also has other controllers designed to work with other gaming consoles.


And this 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter could actually be a better alternative even though you have already a Sony’s Dual Shock 4. The company’s adapter also supports other Nintendo modern controllers like the Wii remote, Wii U Pro Controller, as well as the Switch’s Joy-Con and Pro Controller.


Well, obviously, using the adapter gives you allot of options to play any games. But the adapter is not just only working in Switch. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, Android TV, Raspberry Pi, and Retrofreak devices.


This means that gamers have been given many ways to explore the adapter’s functionality beyond the controllers they already own.