Click Frenzy Australia – 53 Hours of Awesome Tech Deals and More

Click Frenzy has been a part of the shopaholics’ grapevine when it comes to the best deals and offers throughout the year. The 50+ hour online event gives participants a chance to fill their carts and empty their wallets on items ranging from Tech to fashion inspirations. Rather than scouring the internet for the best sales, Click Frenzy brings all these awesome deals under one roof. You can get offers from your favourite brands from high-end to budget brands including Phonebot in Australia who recorded a massive percent increase in sales during the Click Frenzy promotional sales event last year, so we expect 20 to 30 percent off this year too including iPhone, Apple or Samsung watches, Airpods and many more, when the day comes.

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Click Frenzy started in 2012 as inspired by the numerous mega sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday which were popular in the US. The founder and CEO, Grant Arnott, figured it would be great to have a similar mega shopping event in Australia and so Click Frenzy was launched. Its been over 4 mega sales per year from the first November 2012 event. Today, Click Frenzy hosts more than 500 brands and retailers spanning tech, fashion, travel, Home & Décor, electronics and entertainment systems. Participants in the mega sales are usually treated to an abundance of deals and exclusive bargains on products for 50+ hours after the sale goes live.

How to get in

To participate, shoppers have to sign up for free to become members of the Click Frenzy family. As a member, you get exclusive deals and benefits unavailable elsewhere. Members even get 30 minutes early access deals to begin their shopping frenzy 30 minutes before the rest begin shopping. Click Frenzy is known for wild, unbelievable bargains, epic promotions and unmatched discounts from local Aussie brands and international brands as well.

Click Frenzy has also been involved with other charity events and partnerships outside the retail sphere. They have partnered with organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Good 360 to help raise funds for research and support of ongoing programs. Through their charitable initiative and campaigns, the Click Frenzy community has supported those in need nationwide. Some of the events include the Click Frenzy sports and virtual canteen, Click Frenzy Places in Need to help areas affected by Australian bushfires, $1000 gift cards to small businesses affected by bushfires and COVID-19.

When and where

As a popular shopping online event, Click Frenzy is as intense as it is exciting. The next event in the lineup, Click Frenzy The Main Event, comes on the second Tuesday of November after the Melbourne cup. The Sale That Stops a Nation will be live from 7 pm AEDT and shoppers are in for a treat. 1000s of deals from national and global brands will graze the first major online event for 50+ hours. The Main Event will jumpstart holiday shopping with deals on everything from wearables and personal shavers to Laptops and lawnmowers.

Shoppers can catch a piece from the action from anywhere within or outside Australia. As Australia’s very own version of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy is home to irresistible deals so there’s no limit to how big you can go on spending. To join the sale, a pop up will indicate the sale is live and participants can now join. Click Frenzy will also send email notifications on deals as they go live. To ensure you get the pop up for the start of the sale, you have to turn off your adblocker and monitor emails if you’ve already signed up.

Going live

It’s easy to get caught up in the storm of deals and bargains, to ensure you make the most of your shopping spend, make a list of what you want to get. With a list, you can monitor Click Frenzy for the latest deals and check out the list of which brands will be participating. Once the product you want has been added to the list of special offers, you can add it to your cart and purchase it.

Several international brands have been part of the Click Frenzy retail bonanza for years now. Depending on the event lineup, you can get exclusive deals on tech, fitness and wearables or even the whole catalogue depending on the time of the sale expect to see deals from brands like Nike, Sketchers, Timberland, Dyson, Acer, HP and even Mac and Camilla. This year, we have had four Click Frenzy events starting with Click Frenzy Showcase Valentine’s Day that ran from 3-14 February and brought deals for valentine shopping, Click Frenzy Travel for all your travelling equipment needs, for 20th April, Click Frenzy mayhem that ran on 18th May, and now the Mega sale of the year “Click Frenzy the Main Event” that will happen on 9th November and showcase the Cyber weekend.

One thing about Click Frenzy, you can score no one or two but several bargains of a lifetime. The 50+ hour events from Click Frenzy are ways for brands to up the ante and give customers unbelievable deals. As a participant and shopper, you can’t afford to miss out on the deals.

Nike goes to Twitter

Nike has always been in the forefront of this generations shoe style. May it be kicks for basketball, cross training or just simply for dressing up, they have it.

It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like if Nike had not gambled on their business. It is a part of this generation and it has made the company a fortune.

New releases from Nike, most especially those that are attributed to basketball players, generate a ton of hype. Like Apple, people will flock the stores and camp out there for days just to be the first individuals to ever don their new kicks. At times, cops need to break up the rowdy crowd just to keep peace.

Now, Nike has developed a new system that will make our lives easier as well as their store managers as well. They have what they call an “RSVP dates” where Nike stores in the US will send out a tweet at a random time with a product hashtag. Followers have only an hour to direct message the store account with the hashtag, passport, military or school ID number, shoe size, and the last four digits of their states. Those who have successfully reserved their shoe size will then DM.

See, even Nike is now on the Twitter bandwagon.

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Nike debuts Nike+ Fuelband fitness wristband

After the Power Balance trend that basically tricked us into buying their bands, letting us think that it can improve our game, here comes another one coming from big shoe brand Nike.

The company launched the Nike+ Fuelband in New York this week.

This fitness wristband can help athletes track and download every level of their daily activities. This device is designed to motivate users and as well as a stylish watch.

It will officially be launched to the public next month. The price is set at $149. but it is available via pre-order starting today.

Oklahoma City Thunder main man Kevin Durant and legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong are two of the endorsers of the product. The high scoring NBA forward said that he’s going to use the wristbands during practices and hopefully in some of his games.

Durant said, “I love it. I’m a competitive person. So being able to match my scores up with all my friends and fellow athletes from around the world, that’s going to be fun.”

Durant revealed what his training regimen is. He says he focuses more on conditioning drills, cycling three times a week during the off-season. He is eying to take up boxing in 2013.

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