#95 And The Internet Gets Fooled

It’s April 1st and all the Fools are out and about today. To what level of crazy did some companies take it today? Let’s find out along with some of the latest tech news!

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#72 Pokemon GO Trainer Battles

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Apple’s New iPhones Have An Expensive Nasty Surprise

Mounting evidence suggests Apple’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are not selling well even despite price cuts. We already know the crowd-pleasing innovation Apple has planned to win users back, but it might not be enough after a major source confirmed the most serious problem with the company’s new iPhones… Bloomberg reports Apple has fallen substantially behind its rivals and will not be able to equip iPhones with 5G until late 2020 at the earliest. And 5G is about to become a game-changer.

Russian search giant Yandex is making phones now

After self-driving cars and smart speakers, Russian search engine giant Yandex is getting into smartphones. Its debut handset, fittingly titled “Yandex.Phone,” is an entry-level Android device that’s hooked up to its massive ecosystem. That essentially means it comes pre-loaded with Yandex’s software — including its GPS, music, and weather apps. At the center of it all sits Alice: the company’s virtual assistant, which now boasts 34,000 localized skills and can understand Russian with a “near human-level accuracy.” Alice can also help you find local businesses and service providers from Yandex’s integrated business directory. The same database can identify unknown business callers or let you contact a business by searching for a name or service.

Facebook’s top AI scientist says it’s ‘dust’ without artificial intelligence

Without artificial intelligence there wouldn’t be much left of Facebook as we know it today. That’s according to Yann LeCun, who founded Facebook’s artificial intelligence research lab five years ago. “If you take the deep learning out of Facebook today, Facebook’s dust,” LeCun, Facebook’s chief AI scientist, recently told CNN Business. “It’s entirely built around it now.” The technology is included in everything from the posts and translations you see in your news feed to advertisements. When LeCun established the lab, Facebook was already dabbling in deep learning — a type of machine learning he’s worked on and championed since the 1980s. Deep-learning software, modeled after the way neurons work in the brain, ingests loads of data and learns to make its own predictions.

Plant cyborg able to move itself to a preferred light source

A team of researchers at the MIT Media Lab built a cyborg that combines a plant with electronics and ultimately allows the plant to choose when it would like to move to a brighter spot. The cyborg is the brainchild of team leader Harpreet Sareen, and he has named it Elowan. Plants have the ability to detect light—if you watch really carefully, for example, you can actually see a sunflower move to face directly into the sun as it moves across the sky. Prior research has shown that plants have many natural sensors and response systems—they respond to humidity and temperature levels, for example, or the amount of water in the soil in which they are planted. In this new effort, the researchers sought to give one plant more autonomy by putting its potted base on wheels fitted with electronics and an electric motor.

Rapper 2 Milly Sues Epic Games For Stealing His Dance

Rapper 2 Milly is suing the maker of Fortnite, Epic Games, for selling his signature “Milly Rock” dance as an emote called “Swipe It.” Pierce Bainbridge, the law firm representing 2 Milly, filed the complaint in the Central District Court of California today, accusing Epic of, among other things, copyright infringement, and exploiting African American talent for profit in the game.

Pokémon Go trainer battles guide: How to fight your friends and choose a league

Pokémon Go has introduced PvP with trainer battles, allowing players to compete against each other both locally and online. Not only can they fight each other one-on-one, but trainer battles introduce competitive trainer leagues as well, so that Pokémon masters can truly be named. It’s a huge change to a game that’s sorely needed multiplayer in the years since launch.

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#70 Double Your Android Phone Speed

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These secret settings instantly make any Android phone feel twice as fast

Flagship Android smartphones are plenty fast these days, and most of the stutters and stammers that used to impact their interfaces have been addressed. Sure you’ll still come across the odd bug and some frame skipping here and there, but for the most part Android phone vendors have really gotten their acts together. Of course, speed on a smartphone is like money or vacation days: you can never have enough. What you might not realize though, is that you don’t have to wait for a new phone with a next-generation processor or new faster RAM chips to enjoy a speedier experience on your Android smartphone.

Facebook rolls out time spent dashboard

Last week, Instagram started rolling out its new dashboard that showed how much time you spend on Instagram, and now, it’s Facebook’s turn: the company is rolling out the feature in the actual Facebook app now, via TechCrunch. Facebook announced the new dashboards for the Instagram and Facebook apps back in August as part of the “time well-spent” movement that has been sweeping across the tech world. Unlike Facebook’s dashboards, Apple’s Screen Time and Google’s Digital Wellbeing allow users to block themselves from using apps, instead of just relaying usage information.

Microsoft announces it will support secure USB keys that let you log into everything without a password

Microsoft announced Tuesday it will now support USB security keys, which give Microsoft account holders the ability to log into their computers and accounts without a username or password at all. The passwords will support users across the range of Microsoft services, including Outlook, Office, OneDrive, Bing, Skype and Xbox Live, according to the company. Microsoft will support keys from well-known names Yubikey and the FEITIAN Biopass key, which retail for between $20 and $60. The keys are USB key fobs that users can insert into their USB-enabled devices.

‘Pokémon Go’ creator Niantic to develop GPS-based tourism games

It was at the helm of GPS/AR/Maps-based “exergaming” in 2013 with Ingress, saw phenomenal success with Pokémon Go, and will launch a location-based Harry Potter mobile game next year. Now, Niantic is making the natural move into tourism-focused games. In partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), as part of its Travel.Enjoy.Respect program, the games company will create new experiences that encourage players to explore and discover the hidden histories of both their own neighborhoods and further afield.

$1 million ‘Fortnite’ winter tournament is open to all

Now that Epic has had some time to refine Fortnite’s online tournament system, it’s committing to higher stakes for its competitions. The studio is launching an open Winter Royale tournament with a total of $1 million in prizes. Anyone in the North America and Europe regions can qualify by excelling in event sessions during the qualifying days on November 24th and November 25th. If you make the cut, you’ll play in your respective region’s finals (starting November 30th for Europe, December 11th for North America).

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#66 Kevin & The NFL Blew Up Fortnite

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Social media growth is over in the U.S. — which is its most valuable market

Social media companies aren’t growing as quickly as they used to. In some cases, they aren’t growing at all. In the United States, things are even worse for them: They’re shrinking. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are no longer adding new users in the United States. Facebook’s daily user base has been the same for the past three quarters. Twitter and Snapchat have both lost users in the U.S. or North America, respectively, in back-to-back quarters.


Nintendo’s marketing strategy for the Switch has involved positioning the device as a games console and little else. But if an apparent leak is accurate, the Switch is about to get a new video-streaming option. On Saturday, French website NintendHome tweeted what it claimed was a screengrab of a Switch YouTube app teaser from Nintendo of America’s website. According to the image, Switch will get a YouTube app on Thursday.

Niantic revives ‘Ingress’ for the post–’Pokémon Go’ world

Niantic has a problem. It’s the king of GPS/AR/Maps–based “exergaming,” but it’s leasing its empire. Pokémon Go is built on IP it doesn’t own or control, and a portion of the profits are sent back to Japan. A chunk of the proceeds from its forthcoming Harry Potter game, already a likely blockbuster, will go to J.K. Rowling. It’s why Niantic is taking the time to remind the world that its own, original IP, Ingress, still exists. Launched in 2013, Ingress was Niantic’s first game, and one of the first to ask folks to wander around their locale and hunt for goodies. Six years and several million players later, the company has decided to relaunch the game, titled Ingress Prime. It’s hoping that a fresh start, a cleaned-up game and a deeper storyline will help coax back all of those people who tried Ingress once but never came back.

Red Dead Online beta start date, battle royale mode, rumours, leaks and more

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out in the wild, fans are asking when the Red Dead Online beta is likely to begin. Much like GTA 5 and its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 will have an online multiplayer feature called Red Dead Online. Access to the public beta is free for anyone who has purchased Red Dead Redemption 2, though not many details are available about it just yet.

Fortnite will start selling NFL skins this week

It’s not unusual to see a Fortnite dance celebration after a goal in any sport, so it was only a matter of time before the battle royale game officially brought that connection in-game. Today, Epic Games announced a partnership with the National Football League that will bring a variety of jersey cosmetics that players can wear. According to Epic, these outfits can look like any of the 32 NFL teams on the roster, though players will be able to choose their own number. There will also be a made-up Fortnite team jersey. All jerseys will be available on November 9th in the in-game shop, though the price is unknown. Based on the video accompanying the announcement, it seems that this tie-in will also have some new emotes for purchase, too.

If you missed Fortnite’s strangest live event yet or just want to see it again, it’s all right here

Fortnite’s giant purple cube named Kevin died on Sunday roughly 30 meters above Leaky Lake after an extended struggle with levitation. Memorial services were held immediately afterward in an endless white expanse where friends and family were invited to float weightlessly amongst themselves and in the company of abstract forms that coalesced into crystalline butterflies. Kevin was 72 days old.

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#34 7 Things You Can Do In Forza Horizon 4

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Almost ‘all modern computers’ affected by cold boot attack, researchers warn

Security researchers have discovered a flaw with nearly all modern computers that allow potential hackers to steal sensitive information from your locked devices. The attack only takes about five minutes to pull off, if the hacker has physical access to the computer, F-Secure principal security consultant Olle Segerdahl said in a statement Thursday. Cold boot attacks can steal data on a computer’s RAM, where sensitive information is briefly stored after a forced reboot.

We compare Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch Series 4: Best doesn’t always win

Usage statistics reveal that one of the primary uses of a smartwatch is health and fitness tracking. As a result, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch (see our full review) and the Apple Watch Series 4 enhance and promote these features. Neither can provide as much as a focused GPS sports watch, but they are both adequate for the masses.

Niantic rolls out suggestion system for new Pokémon Go locations

The suggestion system is currently only available to players in Brazil and South Korea who have played enough to reach level 40 (no easy feat), and it is limited to seven suggestions per person per week. For those users, suggesting a new in-game location is as simple as taking a picture, writing a brief description, and uploading your location to Niantic.

7 Stupid Things You Can Do In Forza Horizon 4



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#33 Apple Keynote 2018

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Apple’s big news in 108 seconds


NBA 2K19 Is A Nightmarish Vision Of Our Microtransaction-Stuffed Future

Let’s start with the good news: NBA 2K19 is not as egregious with its nickel-and-diming as NBA 2K18 was. But that being the good news is also what makes this the worst news. Last year’s entry in what’s still the best basketball series (on the court at least) on the planet was heavily criticised by fans for the way it charged full retail price for admission then at almost every turn tried to bleed players for even more cash, not just for cosmetic stuff but for career progression as well.

Microsoft tests ‘warning’ Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox

Microsoft is testing a warning for Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox. The software giant is in the final stages of testing its Windows 10 October 2018 Update, and testers have spotted a new change that appears when you try to install a rival web browser. “You already have Microsoft Edge – the safer, faster browser for Windows 10” says a prompt that appears when you run the Chrome or Firefox installers on the latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

‘Pokémon Go’ saw a 35 percent growth this summer

Pokémon Go remains one of the most recognizable mobile games around, but it definitely experienced periods of user decline over the past couple of years after it took the world by storm. While not everyone who used to play the game picked it up again, it sounds like this past summer has been good to it — according to Niantic, it saw a 35 percent increase in active usage since May. That’s in line with a SuperData report from June, which said that the game had its highest active user count in May since its debut in 2016.

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#10 Your Fax Machine, HACKED?!

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Latest Tech News:

Another step forward on universal quantum computer

Yes, researchers are looking into a computer that runs light years faster than our current computer systems.

Beware the fax machine: some hackers target old gadgets

As it turns out, if hackers are able to send a certain kind of fax to your fax machine, they could gain access to everything on your network! According to the research, 45 million fax machines may be at risk.

From ‘Fortnite’ To ‘Fallout 76,’ Publishers Are Sick Of Google, Apple And Steam’s Store Cuts

The CEO of Epic Games is sick and tired of being shortchanged by “digital storefronts” who really do nothing else besides list their games and take a percentage for payment processing. He’s not the only one as Fallout 76 may be going in a similar direction. Here’s what we know so far…

Niantic bringing PvP to ‘Pokémon GO’ by year’s end

Pokemon GO fans rejoice! We’re finally getting PvP mode!

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