Will there be a Galaxy Nexus ‘S’ – Superior?

The original Galaxy Nexus was just released October last year. So that means it is 10 months old already. If Google is going to follow the Apple strategy of yearly releases, then it is about time for a new Nexus phone to hit the block. The question is which manufacturer will it be?

Many would argue, “No, it can’t be a Samsung! That would be a near monopoly on the Nexus line!” That surely rings true. While we have no say in Google’s business practices, it would seem that OEMs shouldn’t worry too much about the Motorola Google hook up, but rather worry about the budding relationship between Google and Samsung.

From a leaked spec sheet, which was historically accurate in predicting the Samsung Galaxy S3, it would seem that Samsung is planning a ‘refresh’ of sorts to the Galaxy Nexus, but it doesn’t quite feel right, like it is catching up, rather than leading a market to a new age. It would seem it will follow the footsteps of the iPhone 4S, by releasing a Galaxy Nexus Superior, or jokingly named as a Galaxy Nexus S.

The spec sheets outline that the new “Nexus” will still be stuck on a dual core processor. It will apparently be clocked at 1.6 GHz, with the rest of the specifications following that of the Samsung Galaxy S3, apart from the screen size, which will retain the same size as the Galaxy Nexus at 4.65 inches.

What makes the new device even more unlikely is that apparently, the Galaxy Nexus Superior is going to sport a micro SD card slot. Google has previously insisted that they don’t want to put external storage solutions on the Nexus devices, simply because they want to stick to cloud storage solutions like its Google Drive.

Just like everyone else, I feel that this is not a true successor to the Galaxy Nexus. At least, not yet. My take is that it’s Samsung’s “offer”, or a preemptive product, that they plan to push to Google, in hopes that they will be named once more as the Nexus provider. Being named as the Nexus provider is very good for sales. It essentially means you have a product that will be well loved, simply because it will get timely updates from Google directly.

Personally, it might be time for Google to pass the ball to another provider; maybe help out HTC get back on track and produce another Google device, and finally get a Nexus brand. Why? Simply because Motorola is too risky as a choice right now, ASUS just got their chance, Sony seems to be missing in the action, and LG just spouts so many low quality phones at the moment.

That and the fact that HTC has been making beautiful devices on their end, while proving a more “premium” feel than Samsung’s devices, according to user comments.

Still, the ball is in Google’s hands, and they can pass it on to whoever they wish. We just hope that they are not planning to make a ‘refresh’ like the iPhone 4S, and actually give us a brand new device to drool over. Which do you prefer, a Galaxy Nexus Superior, or anything else but that?

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Nexus soon to launch tablet?

We’ve had the Nexus 1, the Nexus S, and a Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus series of phones, which are supposed to provide the default Android experience without any manufacturer software changes. These would be the phones to get if you want the fastest updates with the highest compatibility with the Android Operating system.
The Nexus line has so far only focused on the Phone market. That is about to change, as Eric Schmidt confirmed last December the release of a Nexus 7 – an all-purpose tablet, aimed to beat the popularity of the Kindle fire by competing in prices. This tablet is rumored to arrive this week!

The Nexus 7 is believed to be developed mainly by ASUS. This would come as no surprise because of ASUS’ success in providing cheap, yet high quality tablets that really sell. Yes, we are talking about the original ASUS  Transformer. This would make them a logical partner in creating a powerful low price tablet.

Specs and features were eventually ‘leaked’ and discovered by the community. What we knowm so far is that will be a 7-inch tablet, a direct competitor to the cheap e-book readers by Amazon (Kindle Fire) and Barnes and Noble (Nook). It will have the standard 1GB of RAM, and would feature 8 GB or 16 GB models. There is also much faith put in that it will also sport a higher resolution, hopefully around 1280 x 800. This would be better than the Kindle Fire, which only sports 1024 x 600. The kicker is of course, for a Nexus device, the Operating System. Rumors and leaks suggest that the release of the Nexus 7 will be the dawn of the release of Android 4.1 codenamed: Jelly Bean. This will be a huge bonus, as the Kindle Fire only sports a restricted version of Android.

Since this is made by ASUS, and focuses on the tablet experience, it is expected that the tablet would run with the Tegra 3 or something better. This would effectively make this tablet a powerful all-in-one e-reader, productivity tool and gaming console package, which will be hopefully cheap,too. We hope ASUS will not let us down.

To further bolster the campaign for NFC adaptation, Google is bound to make sure that it will sport an NFC chip and allow it to use Google wallet. Google will also make sure that they will be directly responsible with the management and update of the Nexus 7’s software – something we wish they would do for all phones.

The Kindle fire currently retails at around $199. If the Nexus 7 is to beat that, it has to be the same price, or slightly lower. With the expected specs of the Nexus 7, there shouldn’t even be a problem if the device is just the same price as the Kindle Fire. With that kind of price to beat, it would be rather foolish to hope that the Nexus 7 will have phone features just like the 7 inch Galaxy Tabs. That being said, I would like to be foolish as I wish for this ability to be included in the tablet. What can I say? A 7 inch phone is attractive to me.

The fact of the matter is, the Nexus 7 is going to arrive sooner or later. It has already been confirmed by Schmidt himself. We are not sure how big a wave it will make, but it will be a tough challenge for Amazon to top that with the next Kindle. This begs the question who bought a whole bunch of Kindle Fires during the holidays. Will you be willing to switch over to the Nexus 7? Or will you be rooting and waiting for Amazon’s next move in the tablet market?

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Predictions for CES 2012

Editors from Tecca.com gives us a sneak peak as to what tech companies have in store for us in the annual event.

Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft will unveil its upgraded Xbox console. Rumor has it that the company will shed their spotlight to their newest console, the Xbox 720. This is the final year that Microsoft will participate in the annual event so expect a big “ka-boom” as they bid the CES farewell.

The Xbox 720 is said to have an AMD processor, Blu-ray drive, Windows 8 capability and a much better Kinect integration compared to its predecessor.

Another thing that we should be excited about is the television sets that will be paraded in the event. With the dawn of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, TV makers are going to join the bandwagon to incorporate these to their own sets.

Companies who offer such features in their TV sets will likely upgrade their devices to keep ahead of the competition. Possible Facebook and Twitter integration may be in the offing.

The next generation Windows Phone OS or the Phone Tango will likely make a splash in this year convention. The update enable Windows capable phones to support LTE. Some say that both HTC and Nokia models are now LTE Windows Phone Handsets.

The Nokia Lumia 710 is the first of its kind and was announced for T-Mobile a few days ago.

For Android fans, expect to see a few more smartphones carrying the latest Ice Cream Sandwich. Eric Schmidt of Google already said to an Italian paper that it plans to release a Nexus tablet running ICS mid this year.

No Google Wallet for Galaxy Nexus

People who want to purchase the Google Galaxy Nexus for their near-field communications chip for shopping may be frustrated with the news that Verizon – the only official carrier for the Galaxy Nexus – has stated that they will not be supporting Google Wallet in its phones. Google confirmed the report the the carrier asked Google not to install the feature in the Galaxy Nexus.

But reports have said that Verizon is still in talks with Google regarding the Google Wallet application.

According to Verizon spokesperson Jeffrey Nelson that the Google Wallet is a different application thus making them think twice before including the feature on their Nexus package.

In a statement he said that, “Google Wallet does not simply access the operating system and basic hardware of our phones like thousands of other applications. He also added that, “instead, in order to work as architected by Google, Google Wallet needs to be integrated into a new, secure and proprietary hardware element in our phones.”

Free Press, a known media reform group said last Tuesday that the carrier’s decision is going to hurt the consumers, rival companies and technological advancement and illustrates the need for a stronger consumer protection from the Federal Communications Commission.

The release of the Galaxy Nexus has been shrouded in mystery. Verizon has been mum about the date of the release to the market and at the same time they’ve been quiet as to how much the phone will cost.

Though there have been reports that the new phone will cost around $299.99. Fairly equal to other premium smartphones standard price.

Two Verizon smartphones are priced at $299.99. These are the Droid RAZR and the HTC Rezound.

According to some analysts, the Galaxy Nexus is the most viable rival to Apple’s IPhone. The Galaxy Nexus even edges out the IPhone on Verizon’s 4G network capability and it boasts of Google’s latest OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich.

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